'Ask Andrea' Episode #18 - How to Heal Your Body Naturally

Andrea answers a wide variety of interesting questions that were sent in. She covered how healing your gut can help with so many conditions, how to deal with pain in the morning, gives advice on how to get over a Diet Coke addiction and so much more.

What you will hear on this episode of Ask Andrea

  • 0:00: Greetings from Andrea!
  • 0:30: What could be causing itching all over the body. How well is the gall bladder functioning? (Debby)
  • 2:54:  Best way to take Astragalus is soup, stew and congee. (Linda)
  • 3:38:  Have to look in his gut to see what is causing auto-immune condition like Alopecia areata (Nirmala)
  • 4:26:  How much as it is to have a private session for you? (Kristin)
  • 4:52:  How to stop drinking Diet Coke? Suggest doing something that you love when you stop Diet Coke. (Katrina)
  • 6:10:  In Chinese medicine, anxiety means the heart is unsettled. Passionflower, chamomile help you calm so you can sleep better. Meditation is a great way to calm the body for restful sleep. (Claudine)
  • 8:21: As long as you are alive and breathing, you can help heal the body. Get with the good herbalist and health coach and have someone can help with stage 3 kidney disease and diabetes. Start moving now!(Karen)
  • 10:22:  Andrea gives ways to prevent the flu without the flu shot.  (Tina)
  • 12:16:  Andrea does work with vegans and will adjust their diet if their body is in a state of deficiency. (Suzanne)
  • 13:10:  Andrea suggests stretching exercises for pain in the morning. (Hillary)
  • 14:24: All sense organs are related to the organs. Eyes are connected to liver. Ears connected to kidneys.  (Robin)
  • 16:45: Andrea likes to use red clover, echinacea, milk thistle, and burdock for cysts. You need to support liver and do a detox. Remember, it does take time to heal. (Karen)
  • 17:57:  Andrea recommends berberine herbs for SIBO.  You want to varied the food in your diet. (Yvonne)
  • 2047: Soaking beans and grains are meant to be cooked for a long time to help remove harmful compounds. (Dawn)
  • 22:27: Excess weight in belly is triggered by stress. No amount of food or herbs will help. You need to reduce the stress.  (Rehab)
  • 24:03:  Andrea recommends these books on how the body and the organs are related Staying Healthy with the Seasons, Five Elements of Self Healing,  (Yvette)
  • 26:18:  Andrea recommends fermented foods for probiotics: Kimchee, sauerkraut, pickles, etc. And you must chew your food. (Sally)
  • 26:58:  Andrea recommends motherwort and get enough exercising with hot flash.  Hot flashes are liver heat rising. (Tondra)
  • 28:35:  When you have tonsillectomy, you can have other ways to keep you healthy.  (Lindsey)
  • 31:02:  Andrea didn’t go to “collage”. (Sophie, Bob, Matthew and Sean)
  • 32:53:  Hawthorne tea is not good for when you are taking blood thinners. It is already a blood thinner.  (Charles)
  • 33:48: Andrea gives recommendations on how to deal with reoccurring yeast infections including black walnut hull. (Stephanie)
  • 35:58: To help with Fungus on top of the big toenail look to the spleen and liver. Ingest black walnut hull.   (Leigh)
  • 37:49:  To support the gall bladder, thin the bile to have a good normal bowel movement. Have a beet and apple salad.  Support the liver since there is no gall bladder. Do stretches and sour foods. (Suzanne)
  • Andrea closes with telling everyone to be grateful that they are alive and don’t fester on what you don’t have but what you do have.

Links from the episode

Black Walnut Hull  – herb that heals intestine and candida

Organic Herbs – Great place for herbs: Motherwort, astragalus, licorice root, and marshmallow roots,

Staying Healthy With the Seasons and Five Elements of Self Healing– Books about the mind and body.