'Ask Andrea' Episode #16

This episode of ‘Ask Andrea’ features answers to questions about seasonal eating, iodine rich foods, fatty liver and so much more.


What you will hear on this episode of Ask Andrea

  • 0:00 Greetings from Andrea
  • 0:51 How to lose weight since weaning of thyroxine medication (Nicky)
  • 3:15  Kushi Institute where Andrea learned to heal her goiter by removing frozen dairy (Chris)
  • 4:21  Start incorporating iodine rich foods to wean five year old who’s been on synthroid since birth (Diana)
  • 6:27  Find out where Andrea is giving live talks.  (Angel)
  • 9:20  Exercise, steam room, and get the body moving to really detox. Help with itchy skin from drinking tumor tea (Estie)
  • 10:32 Andrea gives her experience with Chaga Mushroom Tea (Eugenia)
  • 15:17  Andrea recommends seasonal eating and iodine rich food for any disease especially thyroid disease. (Azi)
  • 18:48 Lupus is autoimmune, so you must connect with local environment to support the microbiome. (Jasmine)
  • 20:20 There is too much sugar in your system when you have a fatty liver. Andrea recommends gentle liver cleanse. (Debi)
  • 23:27 Andrea recommends eating foods like popcorn as a special treat rather than 4 times a week. (Kathryn)
  • 25:16 Andrea has a ton of information on her website that is free.(Devi)
  • 26:35 Look at the kidneys and spleen when you have knee problems and pain (Nahidia)
  • 28:20  Inspired by Andrea and would love for her to speak at boyfriend’s college. (Colleen)
  • 29:11 Where Andrea learned to become a natural food chef. (Anne)
  • 33:52 Healthy View Radio Show on Facebook Live every week Thursday at 12PM ET
  • 34:09 Look into the body to see if you have parasite in digestive system to reduce antibodies.  (Patricia)

Links from the episode:

Happy Healthy Thyroid – Book by Andrea Beaman

Nourishing Thyroid Health Program

Liver Cleanse

Seasonal Eating Workshop at Omega Institute August 24-26, 2018