'Ask Andrea' Episode #15

Andrea shares recommendations for optimal health including eating seasonally, how you can heal candida, explains how crucial bone stocks are for osteoporosis and so much more.


What you will hear on this episode of Ask Andrea

  • 0:00: Greetings from Andrea
  • 0:44 – Andrea talks about whether you should use Paraguard for Candida and the effects of Walnut Hull. (Kerri)
  • 2:13- Look at your circumstances to see why you’re waking up with anxiety. Keeping a daily journal can be very beneficial to lowering stress.  (Trish)
  • 4:35 – Andrea gives suggestions on how to bring the body into rhythm when large intestine and gall bladder are removed. (Janet)
  • 6:17- Andrea explains what is leaky gut? (Trish)
  • 8:22- After intense stress, drink water and eat fiber to soften stool. Look at unresolved stress probably family related. (Jeraldine)
  • 10:04-  Try bone stocks and eat enough protein to heal and build the back bone that has been diagnosed with osteoporosis. (Cindy)
  • 11:11 – Andrea discusses ways to eat healthy with Crohns. She recommends a parasite cleanse & eating cooked veggies instead of raw. (Tammy)
  • 12:19- Black walnut hull and eating locally and seasonally to help with candida. (Alli)
  • 14:48- Andrea gives recommendations for high blood pressure. (Rosemary)
  • 17:24 – Look at why you need the coffee and why you need it sweetened. (Jamie)
  • 18:51- Andrea loves all whole food including night shades. But if you have a congested liver, be careful of night shades. (Marty)
  • 19:52- Stop shaving your pubic hair to see if that helps with vaginal itching (Anne)
  • 22:08- Andrea gives suggestions on ways to give iron to a 2 year old.  (Shelly)
  • 23:20- Try food combining to help with excess gas. And including bitters to the diet and having a daily walk.  (Margaret)
  • 24:24-Headaches and nervous ticks are signs from your body that something is going on. Try a Liver cleanse  (Patricia)
  • 27:56-  Andrea discusses how to deal with Hashimoto’s – (Lillian)
  • 30:37- Where to find Hawthorne berries and hibiscus for a toning tea.  (Trini)
  • 32:24- Holistic product for anxiety.(Shelly)
  • 32:40- Five year old taking Synthroid and Andrea doesn’t recommend iodine. (Diana)
  • 33:57 – Andrea gives suggestions on how to get rid of Puffiness under the eyes. (Stephanie)
  • 35:20- Eating local and seasonal foods to help strengthen your immune system even when you eat super healthy.(Kathryn)
  • 37:58- Andrea explains the process of cleansing for spring. (Azi)

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