'Ask Andrea' Episode #14

Andrea answers a wide variety of interesting questions that were sent in. She covered how healing your gut can help with so many conditions, how seasonal eating and exercise helps with balancing the body, the importance of keeping the brain active with games can help prevent alzheimer’s and dementia, and so much more.

What you will hear on this episode of Ask Andrea

  • 0:00: Greetings from Andrea
  • 0:45: Suggestions for preventing Alzheimer’s disease (Laurie)
  • 1:44: Can you heal liver cirrhosis naturally? Medicinal mushrooms and milk thistle can help regenerate liver cells. (Marisa)
  • 2:45: Word puzzles, ginkgo biloba and detoxifying foods helps with dementia. (Claudine)
  • 3:33:  If you want to stop taking your thyroid medication, Andrea recommends cutting down on medication instead of stopping.  She explains more in her webinars April 3rd & April 6th. Register HERE. (Trish)
  • 4:42:  Essential oils are great in the diffusers but taking them internally can be very hard on the liver. (Diana)
  • 6:08:  Andrea suggests continuing to take care of your diet & living healthy lifestyle, after taking radioactive iodine.  (Elizabeth)
  • 7:35:  Andrea prefers Stainless Steel and Cast Iron for cooking. No preference for brands.(Terri)
  • 9:20: What is causing your chronic inflammation? Andrea suggests cooling foods like salads for chronic inflammation.  (Ross)
  • 10:36: Recipes for Sea Vegetables on the Website including sardine recipe. (Kim)
  • 11:24:  Look at the adrenals when dealing with the weather changes to avoid migraines and sinus pressure (Adelaida)
  • 13:08:  Mind games may help people with dementia.  (Claudine)
  • 13:44: Mercury Dental Fillings  (Keith)
  • 14:29:  Andrea purchases Starwest Botanicals and Flower Power in NYC for herbs. (MJ)
  • 15:27:  Suggestions on lowering the thyroid levels by reading Andrea’s Happy Healthy Thyroid Book.(Candace)
  • 15:59: Suggestions on dealing with dry eyes. (Karyn)
  • 18:05:  Don’t worry about eating cruciferous veggies if you have thyroid issue.  But make sure that they are cooked. (Dorothy)
  • 19:45: Dairy, meat and grains are not necessarily bad for the thyroid.  (Marynush)
  • 21:11: Andrea uses many herbs in her cooking classes to help students understand how different herbs can help the body.(Kristy)
  • 22:26: Benefits to both raw and cooked vegetables. (Cynthia)
  • 23:36: Hawthorne Tea for flutter in the heart. (Cindy)
  • 24:22:  Excessive drinking of alcohol can lead to broken capillaries in the nose. (Kristin)
  • 25:03:  Hop on webinar to learn to heal thyroid. (Debra)
  • 25:18:   Seasonal eating and exercise helps with balancing your body. (Eileen)
  • 26:00:  Look at the digestive system while living withHashimoto’s (Susan)
  • 28:06:  Eating a “healthy diet” does not always mean you’re eating right for your body & condition. (Jamie)
  • 30:34:  Go to website & sign up for Andrea’s Newsletter to keep up to date with Andrea’s classes.  (Cindy)
  • 31:50:  Leak in the breast. Start nourishing the liver and look at lymphatic system. Do jumping jacks! (Delia)
  • 33:00:  Destroying the thyroid doesn’t fix the condition for multi nodular goiters. (Brenda)
  • 34:00:  Thyroid cancer cells still there after removal of thyroid. Start eating good quality sea vegetables. (Marisol)
  • 36:40:  When you are going through menopause you must support the liver because it helps breakdown hormones. (Donna)
  • 37:43:  With half a thyroid, you need to give it the food that it needs to properly function. (Azi)
  • 38:48:  MTHFR – if you can’t take methylate, don’t eat raw kale greens. If you are feeling good on the methylated B vitamins, then it is good. If it makes it feel heavy, then stop taking them. (Kristin)
  • 41:37:  Motherwort is great for menopause. (Donna)
  • 41:57:  Suggestions on how to best support thyroid during pregnancy (Jody)
  • 42:10: Your digestive system is inflame if you have burning around lips. (Anonymous)
  • 43:48: If all 7 chakras are blocked, how does one begin to heal? Chakra healer in NYC, Danica. (Karen)
  • 47:17:  Weakened digestive system has caused the candida to spread. Focus on healing your gut.(Patricia)
  • 48:00:  Inflammation & heat in the upper part of the digestive system causes burning around lips. (Maria)

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