'Ask Andrea' Episode #13

In this Ask Andrea episode, Andrea answers a wide variety of questions about hypothyroidism, fatty liver and what herbs to use for that, how and why to clear your liver and organs. She mentioned several times to control stress.

What is the universe bringing to you in a bigger picture? Do you need to stop, look around and smell the roses? Figure out where you’re going before you keep moving.

What you will hear on this episode of Ask Andrea

0:00 Welcome

0:43 New symptom – wrinkles on all fingertips? (Elyse)

2:32 Why do I get panic attacks in the mornings? (Vicki)

3:18 Feels worth on Synthroid (Trish)

4:36 Restrictive diets and food sensitivities and inflammation (Elyse)

6:50 Compliment to Andrea (Trish)

7:17 Is it save to do the master cleanse? (Francine)

7:56 Helping a new client with flushing and hives (Carrison-van Der Heide Beth)

9:12 Graves disease, Hashimoto’s and Hyperthyroid symptoms and leaky gut (Talia)

11:43 Husband diagnosed with Fatty Liver (Denise)

13:00 Are thyroid nodules reversible (Tara)

14:46 Take Back Your Health Conference (Tracy)

15:27 Severe Sinus Headache (Delores)

17:00 Eating pro-biotic rich foods but can’t balance it out (Anne)

19:55 Does mushroom coffee really work for energy, wellness, weight loss (Johnna)

21:34 Herbal teas and herbs for hypothyroidism (Nicola)

24:44 Over active and painful thyroid that’s kicking her arse (Kasey)

26:51 Is a parasite cleanse okay with an inflamed Liver (Carrison-van Der Heide Beth)

28:42 Heal without a supportive family and without a lot of money (Chelsea)

30:20 Do food allergist effect the way my skin looks? (Amy)

30:50 Can Hashimoto’s be so extreme that it can’t come back? (Chri)

31:33 Diagnosed with Stage 1 breast cancer and would like recipes (Anne)

33:19 During your healing did you have a cheat meal here or there? (Rita)

36:13 Saw Andrea on Dr. Oz and hopes to learn better eating habits (Elizabeth)

36:22 Fatty liver with high blood pressure and needs a good cleansing (Deborah)

36:45 Breast Cancer, had hysterectomy and has severe pain, rheumatoid arthritis, and osteoporosis (Tracy)

38:35 All my life my bowels have been a problem (Purity)

40:36 Looking for a nutritionist – Andrea is a health coach (Erin)

42:04 Struggling with chronic hives, skin issues and digestive issues (Nicole)

43:33 Any pointers on steps to organize a healthy cooking for children program (Vanitha)

45:00 Fighting pimples on her face, has an oily face and the rest of the body is dry (Netilia)

47:04 Diagnosed with hypothyroidism when she was born. Is the NYC Open Center class still pertinent? (Molly)

49:36 She has cysts underarm with puss and pain (Sherae)

50:55 How can I stay strong all day with unstable blood sugar? (Franny)

53:25 Is it okay to drink 8 greens with hypothyroid? (Josie)

54:50 Tracy loves Andrea’s Blue Heart Necklace (Tracy)

55:10 Closing remarks

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