'Ask Andrea' Episode #12

In this Ask Andrea episode, Andrea answers a wide variety of interesting questions about thyroid and adrenal conditions and more. She covered how to keep stress under control in the healing process. Many questions came in this month about getting off prescription medications for various conditions. She also talks about using different teas for different conditions.

One of Andrea’s favorite quotes is from Ralph Waldo Emerson, “Adopt the pace of nature, her secret is patience”

What you will hear on this episode of Ask Andrea

0:54 Why have I lost my appetite for food and what should I do about it? (Paula)

2:16 What are your thoughts about working on candida and biofilm at the same time? (Roger)

4:27 Can I heal from Graves disease if my thyroid levels are dangerously high? (Jean)

6:21 Is it possible to get off of Synthroid after being on it for 13 years and I still feel like a zombie? (Kranie)

7:58 Are HRT and Thyroid medicine good together? (Hilary)

8:58 What’s your favorite tea for supporting or healing the water element in your body? (Esty)

9:17 I eat organically, gluten free and exercise. I’m struggling with autoimmune and gained over 20 lbs. this year. Help. (Lori)

10:49 I have a large and several small nodules on my thyroid. I struggle with weight gain. I donít eat gluten or yeast and I exercise. Can the nodules on my thyroid affect my inability to lose weight? (Paul)

13:07 Hyperthyroid and pregnant – how to properly heal and feel better? (Jasmine)

14:08 My 5-month-old granddaughter with severe eczema and doctors are stumped. Do you have any suggestions? (Karyn)

15:51 Do you use slow cookers, and do you recommend a brand? (Donna)

16:53 I’ve recently been diagnosed with multiple myeloma and have started chemo, can you customize a diet plan to beat this cancer? (Raquel)

17:56 You are a brown rice advocate, but I’ve read about arsenic quantity in it. What are your thoughts? (Peri)

18:39 I have hyperthyroidism, nodules, and now my parathyroid is acting up. Can I actually shrink my benign nodules? (Maria)

20:19 How do I heal leaky gut and get rid of candida even though Iím eating a high carb diet to keep up my weight? (Mary)

21:33 I’m so nervous about getting breast cancer because my mom who is still alive had it. (Mary)

25:15 What’s the best way to make fresh ginger tea? (Irina)

25:36 Where are previous Ask Andrea Episodes? (Nicola)

26:06 I’ve been diagnosed with Osteoporosis and arthritis at 65 years old. I’ve been on hypothyroid meds for over 10 years. Can I still be healed of hypothyroidism naturally? (Dee)

28:28 What do you think about cholesterol and the numbers and guidelines? (Suzanne)

30:01 What would I eat to bring down my goiter? I have lost 70 lbs. due to hyperthyroidism. (Lydia)

31:22 My 15-year-old granddaughter has Lupus and is on 4 different medications. Can I try holisitc remedies for her during her treatments with medicine? (Lydia)

32:45 Is it possible to heal adrenals with herbs / food for someone who is already on thyroid hormones for hypothyroidism? (Karen)

34:35 How do I lower cortisol levels related to high stress for a prolonged time? (Ildi)

35:43 How do I find out the cause of my recurring yeast infections and how can I treat them naturally? (Ilana)

37:30 Is there anything that I could do to help with chronic fatigue and headaches? (Kyla)

38:37 I’m taking high doses of probiotics which decreased my allergic reactions. How long should I stay on a high dose like this? (Carrison)

41:06 How do I heal the parathyroid? I have too much blood calcium. (Laura)

Links from the episode:

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Hamilton Beach 6 Quart Slow Cooker on Amazon

Dr. Jody Noe for Integrative Oncology Care

Black Walnut Hull – anti-fungal herb that may help heal the intestines

Biology of Belief by Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D.

Yvette Laboy – Auto-immune Expert (She works with Lupus)

Health is Wealth – Book by Andrea Beaman