'Ask Andrea' Episode #11

In this Ask Andrea episode, Andrea covers topics from thyroid health and diverticulitis to ear crystals and Mental Health Day!

What you will hear on this episode of Ask Andrea

:02 Greetings!

:52 What to take for headaches and dizziness during candida die-off (Mary)

2:00 What do you suggest for someone with Addison’s? (Nicole)

2:28 Any advice for a grandmother with diverticulitis? And do you still hold cooking classes in NYC? (Claudine)

5:46 Help for fluctuating TSH levels, dry skin, and anxiety (Lisa)

7:20 Recommendations for gastritis and sharp esophageal pains (Christina)

9:04 What does a change in eye color mean? (Laurie)

9:52 How long does frozen chicken broth last? (Deborah)

11:42 What are the best natural ways to treat slow thyroid? (Maria)

13:32 What are some alternative treatments for medical treatment with statins? (Chelsea)

15:30 How to support the regrowth of hair, and is it connected to the thyroid? (Victoria)

16:38  How to support the body when clearing kidney stones (Francis)

19:00 Cruciferous vegetables and thyroid disease: to be avoided or not? (Catherine)

21:26 Gaining weight with Hashimotos on medication (Kelly)

22:41 TSH level is 90, what can I do? (Cindy)

23:44 Poly-cystic Kidney Disease and natural healing (Debbie)

26:36 Struggling with hair loss and weight loss after several surgeries (Paige)

29:26 Slipping rib syndrome? (Denise)

29:46 Using bilberry and lutein supplements and having digestive trouble (Natalie)

33:20 Goiters and thyroid imbalance root causes (Serena)

35:12 Celebrating Mental Health Day! (Connie)

36:07 Headaches, ear crystals, and gallbladder connections (Este)

38:22 Is it a thyroid issue if you don’t’ have moons on the fingernail beds? (Susanne)

39:15 Natural remedies for bladder weakness (Ursela)

41:15 Vitamin K1 for Osteoporosis? (Denice)

42:20 What could cause bloating and chronic constipation? (Anne)

46:55 What to do about bad breath? (Angelica)

48:00 Are detoxifying waters all they’re cut out to be? (Maureen)

49:47 Which class would you recommend for certification for treating people holistically? (Marsha)

51:14 How do I treat chronic yeast infections? (Deanna)

53:49 Can I shrink nodules on my thyroid gland? How? (Marsha)

55:48 YoYo diets don’t work! (Ricki)

56:30 Any foods to avoid for fibromyalgia? (Aisha)

Links from the episode

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Holistic Health Cooking Certification program

The New Healers Master Coaching Program

Happy Healthy Thyroid book – Book by Andrea Beaman