'Ask Andrea' Episode #10

You asked questions, and I answered! Enjoy another refreshing episode of Ask Andrea.

What you will hear on this episode of Ask Andrea

  • 0:50: Greetings from Andrea!
  • 1:06: What methods of payment does Andrea accept for programs? (Laurie)
  • 1:52: Suggestions for the best ways to find quality vitamins, minerals and herbs at your local health food store. (Vicki)
  • 2:58: Suggestions on how to shrink nasal polyps with nutrition. Look for the source of inflammation. (Terri)
  • 3:40: Milk thistle: Is it safe to take this herb long term? (Nicole)
  • 7:02: Start cleaning up your nutrition and address the physical and emotional causes for sugar cravings. (Kathleen)
  • 8:57: How to address symptoms of menopause naturally, specifically calcium deficiencies. (Susan)
  • 11:15: Alopecia and bone density: how to address naturally. (Ailana)
  • 12:03: Hypothyroidism has become Hashimotos with severe symptoms. What is a new way to treat with nutrition and lifestyle changes when medication isn’t working? (Theresa)
  • 14:05: What foods to eliminate with hormonal acne, and what to add in. (Carolyn)
  • 15:21: Bone loss and Hashimoto’s: How to gain weight and maintain gut health. (Kathy)
  • 16:16: Practical suggestions on how to deal with insomnia. (Adriana)
  • 17:33: How to sign up for the Healthy Cooking Certification (Emily)
  • 18:18: Digestive health and conditions that result from inflammation, and nutrition for dealing with Seasonal Affective Disorder. (Shannon)
  • 22:51: Sinus health and the large intestine: Connections and how to treat imbalances. (Cheryl)
  • 24:03: A thyroid nodule diagnosis followed by itchiness all over the body and hives: What it could mean, and how to address it. (Heather)
  • 24:54: Why might Epsom salt foot baths help with constipation? (Anne)
  • 26:28: A 16-year-old is newly diagnosed with diabetes, and how to deal with his pancreatic health. (Jennifer)
  • 28:41: What are some tips to heal the thyroid with teas and herbs? (Lauren)
  • 31:35: How to deal with cramping after a parasite cleanse. (Maggie)
  • 33:40: Can you naturally heal hyperthyroidism? Yes! (Sherri)
  • 34:07: Andrea talks about her personal journey refusing radiation and healing her thyroid naturally. (Joy)
  • 35:25: Reducing the chance of a Crohn’s flare up after childbirth by building the body with fatty, mineral rich foods. (Shelly)
  • 36:58: Can a nodule on a thyroid be treated naturally? (Lupita)
  • 38:05: Where to buy rose petals and other ingredients for tea. Starwest Botanicals. (Rose)
  • 38:52: Gallbladder removal surgery led to a distended belly and sluggish bowels. What is causing this and how is it treated? (Sheree)
  • 40:40: A former client of Andrea’s has changed her life and career after her time being coached, and sends thanks! (Jackie)
  • 41:56: Andrea recommends acupuncture for a client dealing with major hormonal imbalances. (Claudine)
  • 43:17: Andrea recommends a water filter for removing fluoride from water. (Anne)
  • 43:55: How to tell if you suffer from deficiency or excess in kidney health. (Maggie)
  • 45:25: Lots of ear infections, itchiness around the ear, and pain for a young woman. Andrea recommends how to treat symptoms. (Anne)
  • 48:03: Hyperthyroid and a healthy breakfast. Andrea gives suggestions. (Eileen)
  • 48:31: Hypothyroidism, and juicing. Only juice for a few days at a time. (Patti)
  • 49:42: Cervical polyp, cramping, and blood loss. How to support the liver with these symptoms. (Anita)
  • 51:23: Foods for dealing with symptoms of menopause. (Aricelli)


Links from the episode

Happy Healthy Thyroid Book by Andrea Beaman

Black Walnut Hull  – herb that heals intestine

Organic Herbs – Great place for herbs and teas mentioned in this episode: fenugreek, ashwagandha, chamomile teas

Holistic Health Cooking Certification

Digestive Health Tea