'Ask Andrea' Episode #1

In this video thyroid expert Andrea Beaman answers questions related to processes that can slow the thyroid, how to resolve thyroid nodules and goiters and how improving liver health and lymphatic congestion can support the health of the thyroid.

What you will hear

  • 0:16 – Andrea speaks about her sweepstakes that she held for her Nourishing Thyroid Program.
  • 0:58 – Andrea introduces herself and speaks about Ask Andrea
  • 1:29 –  Andrea discusses the need to feed your body good quality iodine rich foods to help with goiters. (Willie Ann)
  • 3:23 –  Andrea discusses how to properly nourish the thyroid instead of removing them when someone suffers from thyroid storms. (Amy)
  • 5:15 –  Wouldn’t a cure be wonderful for thyroid disease? (Holly)
  • 6:14 –  Andrea speaks about how vegan diets are not the best for healing the thyroid. (Paola)
  • 7:26 –  Suffering from hypothyroidism and want to get off medication. Andrea talks about how it might not be your thyroid that is the problem. ( Vicky)
  • 8:26 –  Been healing through the Nourishing Thyroid Program but still have brain fog and depression.  One should look at the liver and the spleen. (Jeanne)
  • 13:49 – When thyroid is low, check on the adrenals, liver congestion and try meditation. (Linda)
  • 15:41 – Andrea talks about the similarities between adrenal fatigue and thyroid disease. (Colette)
  • 17:00–  Andrea speaks about how she doesn’t drink water with flouride and the dangers of it. (Tasha)
  • 18:30 – Andrea gives top tips to nourish the entire endocrine system (Jen)
  • 23:17 –  Andrea discusses what a nodule is and what causes them. (Nicole)
  • 25:44 – When suffering from an auto immune condition like Graves, one must always look at the digestive system. (Rochelle)
  • 28:00 – Even when one is eating right, doing yoga, no fluoride and eating sea vegetables, you must also look at the liver and your stress levels. (Katrina)
  • 31:01 – Fatigued and gaining weight  (Debby)
  • 31:06 – Feeling sluggish,  weight gain, cold feet and dry eyes. Andrea discusses how one must look at your whole body, not just thyroid when things don’t feel right. (Larissa)
  • 36:20 – Andrea announces the winners from Nourishing Thyroid Sweepstakes
  • 40:06 – Andrea talks about her Nourishing Thyroid Program

 Links from the episode

Nourishing Thyroid Program (enrollment open in October & April)
Happy, Healthy Thyroid book by Andrea Beaman

Have a question for Andrea? Ask her!