‘Ask Andrea’ Episode #12

Andrea answers a wide variety of interesting questions about thyroid and adrenal conditions and more. She covered how to keep stress under control in the healing process. Many questions came in this month about getting off prescription meds for various conditions.


My interview with two young philosophers

Years ago, I had the opportunity to simultaneously interview two young philosophers: Danny Swammy and Marc Anthony Beaman, respectively six and eight years of age at the time. These two wise souls jumped at the opportunity to share their wisdom and experience of life with me.


Revered or reviled? You decide…

As we experience our current rash of disasters that are sweeping across nations (wildfires, hurricanes, earthquakes), it would be wise to take a lesson from the rat and learn to quickly adapt to our changing world.


‘Ask Andrea’ Episode #9

Andrea answers a wide variety of interesting questions that were sent in. She covered how nutrition and lifestyle can help with healing many types of thyroid conditions, how stress affects our weight, how important it is to nourish the body while trying to conceive, and so much more.

Ask Andrea

‘Ask Andrea’ Episode #8

Andrea gives great recommendations for optimal health including why she believes that we should go outside and soak up Vitamin D and not wash it off for 24 hours, how important it is to heal the gut for auto immune conditions, and why drinking chamomile tea before a meal is so beneficial. She also answers questions about different thyroid conditions and so much more.