Are You Using This Essential Ingredient?

Many folks understand the need to purchase great quality ingredients for the sake of their health.

They wisely choose the best organic, naturally raised and grass-fed (pastured), plant and animal products because they understand that the food they eat is going to become their body on a cellular level.

But oftentimes, an essential ingredient can be overlooked or missing entirely from the meal plan, especially if we solely focus on the physical ingredients.

Are You Using This Essential Ingredient?

The “energy” of the person preparing the meal, and the emotional state she/he is cooking in, is an ingredient that can have a profound impact and make a wholesome meal deeply nourishing on an entirely different level.

If someone cooks with love in their heart, that energy is transfused into the meal and absorbed by the people eating it. Everything is vibrating with energy – including our emotional states.

This is one of the main reasons why Grandma’s chicken soup could magically heal a cold, or a home-cooked meal can make you feel happy and loved. When Grandma cooked for her family, there was a “loving intention” infused into the physical ingredients.

I remember studying Macrobiotic cooking many years ago at the Kushi Institute, and the teachers emphasized that the energy of the cook could influence the flavor and effect of the food.

Twenty years ago, I understood the concept they were talking about, but I couldn’t really feel it until I experienced it first hand by cooking for other people.

I got the opportunity to feel the effect of that “loving” ingredient on a large scale when I cooked for students at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Two times per month I cooked lunch at the school for 90-120 budding health coaches.

Before the kitchen assistants and I began our prep-work for the day, we would get centered, close our eyes, hold hands, and connect with our hearts and with cooking as an expression of our love. Then we would get to work.

A couple of weeks into the program, Joshua Rosenthal (the founder of the school), asked me to come out of the kitchen to meet with the students.

He announced, “Andrea is cooking for you this year. You are going to fall in love with her.”

It was such a sweet thing to say, and he was right!

The students, after eating the lunches we lovingly prepared for them, felt physically nourished and expressed their LOVE back to us. On numerous occasions they would enter the kitchen just to give hugs.

They absorbed the essential ingredient we added into their meals, along with all of the other vitamins and minerals that naturally occurred within the food.

Remember the old adage, “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” It’s true.

Joshua always taught the students that love was a daily vitamin we simply cannot live healthfully without – Vitamin L.

So yes, continue purchasing the best quality ingredients for the sake of your health, and remember to infuse your meals with loving intentions.

The energy you impart into food can make a nutritious meal even more healthful and delicious, and bring more love into the world where it is needed now more than ever.