Are You Speaking Your Truth in a Healthy Way?

A student in my online thyroid program was suffering from Hashimoto’s and hypothyroid. She had read every scientific study about health, plus she was taking numerous classes on nutrition.

She believed she knew best about natural foods and healing, and also thought she knew what everyone else in her life needed as well.

She would often berate her husband and daughter for their bad eating habits, and tell them that they didn’t know how to eat well or care for themselves.

The funny thing is, both the husband and the daughter were fairly healthy. My student, on the other hand, was suffering from thyroid disease, kidney stones, and gallstones!

She was convinced she knew the truth about food and healing, and her arrogance was causing conflict in her relationships with her family, and her relationship to her own health.

This is called spiritual sickness, and it doesn’t get healed through food, not even the best food in the world.

Instead of taking another course in nutrition, it would have been wise for her to take a course in acceptance, compassion,  understanding, as well as a healthy communication class.

Some deeper healing was needed.

Hashimoto’s can oftentimes manifest from an attack on the “self” too. Once she accepted and loved herself, it became much easier for her to accept and love the other people in her life as well.

The thyroid is not solely a physical endocrine gland responsible for activating metabolism and other bodily functions.

According to ancient teachings, the thyroid (5th chakra), is connected to our ability to express ourselves, and our truth, with wisdom and grace. It’s our ability to communicate effectively.

In our modern worldview, many of us look at the physical condition and only treat that. This is one of the reasons why someone may not be able to heal their condition, or it may keep returning over and over again no matter what medication is used, or no matter how healthful your diet and lifestyle is.

The root cause of the disease probably did not begin in the physical realm.

The thought or emotion that may have triggered the physical condition started developing in an environment that moves much faster than the speed of light; the world of ether and spirit.

Dense with matter, the physical world is the final place that a condition shows up.

According to modern scientist, Bruce Lipton, our physical cells are highly tuned in to what we say and how we feel via energetic and emotional vibrations.

If you are suffering from a condition in the thyroid one of the best questions to ask is, “Am I speaking my truth and communicating in a healthy way?”

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