Are you seeing the cancer surge?

I was on call with my community manager, Amanda, and she told me that four of her friends had recently been diagnosed with colon cancer.

Cancer can be a scary diagnosis. Especially, if you are young and in the prime of your life building a family.

At first, I thought maybe it was a cancer cluster.

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) a cancer cluster is an unusual pattern of cancer[1] defined as:

  • A greater than expected number of cases than typically observed
  • Cases that are of the same type of cancer or have a known suggested link
  • Affecting a certain group of people
  • Located in a specific geographic area
  • Happening over a defined period of time

Amanda’s friends are mostly in the same age group (30, 34, 39, 50), and it’s the same type of cancer (colorectal/colon cancer), and all of these people are located in a specific area (New York and New Jersey), and lastly, it’s happening relatively quickly (within the last two years).

Seems like a cluster to me.

CNN reported about this in October 2022 in the article, “A global epidemic of cancer among people younger than 50 could be emerging.”[2]

So, this cancer cluster is NOT just occurring within Amanda’s specific group of friends, the surge is  happening globally.

In the CNN report, they noted that the explosion in colorectal cancer “has been particularly steep.”

Why would that be?

Let’s dig a little deeper.

Some of the major known risk factors that contribute to this cancer (and most cancers) are: obesity, inactivity, diabetes, smoking, and a high sugar diet.

But, Amanda and her friends don’t fall into any of those categories. They are healthy, young, and vibrant.

Or at least, they were.

In the widely respected scientific journal, Nature, a Clinical Oncology review from October 2022 states, “Among the 15 early-onset cancer types with a rising incidence, eight (those of colorectum, oesophagus, extrahepatic bile duct, gallbladder, head and neck, liver, pancreas and stomach) relate to the digestive system, indicating the potential pathogenic importance of both the oral and intestinal microbiome.”[3]

People in the holistic health and wellness arena know the vast majority of our immunity and ability to protect ourselves from disease lies within our intestinal microbiome, and it’s vital that we nourish it. I covered that here: Are you worried about the virus? Support Your Gut.

I watched an interview with Dr. Sabine Hazan on the Highwire. She’s a gut microbiome specialist and her studies show the Covid-19 vaccines have obliterated Bifidobacterium in the gut.[4]

The study revealed that 6-9 months post mRNA vaccine, ALL patients experienced a decrease in Bifidobacterium levels (healthy gut bacteria). The results are below.

With this missing piece of the cluster puzzle (“having a known suggested link”), if you’re wondering why cancer rates – especially gut and colon cancers – are surging right now, the mRNA shot is probably the linking contributor.

By the way, it’s not just cancers of the digestive system that are on the rise. ALL cancer is on the rise. Including cancers that had been in remission for many years.

My assistant, Natasha, had a resurgence of breast cancer that had been in remission for 5 years. It returned aggressively, and within just a couple of months she was diagnosed at stage 4.

Natasha told me that her oncologist said that the cancer resurgence was directly caused by the mRNA shot she received.

I’ll probably get strung up in the town square (or censored) for sharing that information.

When the truth resonates with me, I share it far and wide. I’m a superspreader.

Besides, my work has been censored before, and It’ll probably get censored again. That’s par for the course in the world we are living in.

But, I digress.

With the microbiome study(s), it’s clear that the helpful bacteria living in our gut, supporting immunity, and keeping us safe, is being destroyed by the self-replicating mRNA technology.

Studies by the National Institute of Health (NIH) have also shown that Covid-19 (gain-of-function virus) disrupts the gut microbiome, leading to secondary infections.[5]

The big difference between natural infection from Covid, and infection from the mRNA injection, is that the first builds natural immunity (natural infection) and the other does not (mRNA injection).

The question is… what can people do now?

  • Now that they are scared.
  • Now that their body has been damaged.
  • Now that cancer is surging.

I am a firm believer that as long as you are alive and breathing you can improve your condition on some level and experience a physical, emotional, and/or a spiritual healing.

Let’s focus on the emotional first.

It’s not the place I usually begin, but I feel it’s vital due to what is going on in the world with the massive and never ending fear-mongering.

Our emotional body stimulates our hormones, and those hormones drive the body in a specific direction.

“The body responds to external stressors by releasing stress hormones (such as epinephrine and norepinephrine) that increase blood pressure, heart rate, and blood sugar levels. This response, often referred to as the fight-or-flight response, helps a person act with greater strength and speed to escape a perceived threat.”[6]

If you are hiking in Montana and get chased by an angry moose, the hormones released from that perceived threat can save your life, give you energy to run away, and hopefully escape death.

BUT, if you are chronically in a state of perceived threat, your body (and mind) will sustain damage – especially as it relates to cancer.

In the British Journal of Cancer, they investigated whether the stress hormone, Cortisol, plays a role in cancer development due to its immunosuppressive, obesogenic, and hyperglycaemic effects.[7] They concluded that it increases endometrial cancer, but not other cancers.

This is where medical science and I part ways. I believe they are myopic in their conclusions. Chronic cortisol released consistently (daily) that is immunosuppressive, obesogenic and hyperglycaemic, will increase ALL cancers given enough time.

Other studies found that stress-related factors are associated with more rapid progression of several types of cancer, including blood cancers such as leukemia and lymphoma.[8]

And, the National Cancer Institute studies reveal stress hormones alter the behavior of neutrophils, causing dormant cancer cells to reawaken.[9]

For people who were isolated from friends, family and community, and afraid to be around other humans, here’s what happened to mice in a similar cancer study.

“Evidence from laboratory studies in animal models and human cancer cells grown in the laboratory suggests that chronic stress may cause cancer to get worse (progress) and spread (metastasize). For example, some studies have shown that when mice bearing human tumors were kept confined or isolated from other mice—conditions that increase stress—their tumors were more likely to grow and metastasize.”[10]

We don’t need to keep experimenting on mice, or monkeys, or any other living creatures. We are witnessing these experiments on our human population. All we need to do is widen our perspective and open our eyes, heart and mind to see it.

Humans being experimented on is not new. Experimentation has been going on for hundreds of years since the medical establishment took root.

And, any health perspective outside of that medical narrative is silenced. Learn more about that here: Burn the Witch!

It is imperative to find ways to reduce stress as much as possible as we move forward from this pandemic and head into the next.

Read my article on how to make it through catastrophes and stressful situations using three simple steps:

Are You Feeding Your Mind? Try Breathing.

The external stressors are always going to be there, especially if you are watching or listening to mainstream media, or simply living in a world that has been designed by fear.

Alleviating chronic daily stress is what humans need to actively practice.

For example, I would NOT be able to live happily and healthfully in the world without my daily practice of breathing and meditation. It’s vital to supporting my health and well being.

If we can learn to calm our system intentionally and relax our mind (and body) as much as possible by staying present, it’ll be easier to discern truth from fiction.

On the physical level, there is a LOT that can be done to reduce/eliminate cancer risk and keep yourself from becoming an experimental mouse.

Eat non-gmo, naturally and organically grown, grass-fed, non-mRNA injected food.

What goes into your body becomes your body on a cellular level.

Eat foods that have proven to reduce risk of cancer. These foods include, but are not limited to:

  • Brassicaceae/Cruciferous Vegetables
  • Medicinal Mushrooms
  • Green Tea

Learn specifics about those foods and herbs in my article Foods for Cancer Prevention and Healing

And, recolonize your gut with good quality bacteria to keep your microbiome healthy and happy.

If you are still feeling nervous about the surge in cancer, and want more healing knowledge and support, connect with me and other like-minded people in my Health is Wealth Community.

Yes, there is a surge in cancer.

No, you don’t have to be afraid, and you don’t have to be a victim stuck inside a corrupted system.

You can get empowered about your health instead.