Are you questioning the shots yet?

The year is 2022, and it is now over two and a half years after the infamous virus arrived on the scene.

Since then, we’ve had a mandatory medical shot campaign instituted for businesses and schools in my beloved New York City, and many other cities around the world.

Over the past one and a half years, the medical shots have rolled out and we have learned on a massive scale, that they do NOT protect people from catching the virus, nor do they stop anyone from spreading the virus.

At this point in the game, this is clear to the vast majority of folks, right?

People are now being told that not only were they NOT fully protected, but they will also have to continue taking boosters for… well… forever.

In a TIME magazine article titled, Why You’ll Need to Get C*vid Vaccines Again and Again, it states: “The wave after wave of new variants, with ever-increasing transmissibility and capacity to escape existing immunity, challenge the ability of vaccines to prevent infection and transmission. The effectiveness of a primary series of mRNA vaccines (two doses) to prevent hospitalization and death is being chipped away by these highly immune-evasive variants. Vaccine-mediated protection became shorter-lived, especially with the emergence of Omicron variants. People look at these data and wonder, what is the point of getting the vaccines if they will not prevent symptomatic infections, and the protection does not last? Well, to expect robust protection from just the primary series of any vaccines is unreasonable—and was always likely to be—but somehow society has placed too high a bar on what is considered an acceptable number of doses for C*VID-19 vaccines. Instead, we need to understand that we’re going to be getting boosters in the foreseeable future, and to appreciate their benefits.”[1]

What!? Really? Wait just a minute… “We need to understand that we’re going to be getting boosters in the foreseeable future, and to appreciate their benefits.”

After you pick your jaw up off the floor, it’s time to start questioning (if you haven’t yet), why on earth the media and the powers that be are continuing to push these shots on people?

  • Is it for financial gain?
  • Is it for population control?
  • Is it for power over the people?
  • Is it for tracking purposes?
  • Is it for… (insert any theory here)

There clearly must be something else afoot, no?

Here’s an example:

My nephew’s High School in New York City has mandated that all students, faculty and staff are required get the medical shot.

“####### HS requires that all students, faculty, and staff receive a C*VID-19 v@ccination. A medical exemption may be granted upon receipt of a completed form, signed and certified by a licensed healthcare provider, not related to the submitter, and whose specialty is appropriate to the associated condition.”

When questioned, the school claims to be following the CDC and the Department of Education’s guidelines.

They are following without question, of course. This is a system that is set up for compliance, not cooperation.

According to the New York City Department of Education, below is why these, and other shots, are mandated in the school system:

“Vaccines protect the health of your child and the other children at their school. A healthy school setting gives all students the best chance to learn and grow. Vaccines are very important to this effort. They protect children from getting and spreading diseases that can make them very sick.”[2]

Well, we already know, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that this is simply not true as it relates to the current medical shot mandate. It does NOT protect children from getting and spreading this virus. As a matter of fact, it does not protect ANYONE from getting or spreading the virus.

As living, breathing, thinking humans, we need to ask why these shots continue to be pushed on, and into, people – especially, our children.

If, and this is a big IF, the CDC and Department of Education were really, truly, deeply, and honestly concerned with the health and well-being of students, faculty, and staff, they would be mandating many other things that actually DO contribute to a healthy school environment.

Below is a list of the mandates that could accomplish the goals of creating good health in the schools:

  • Daily movement (yoga, calisthenics, weight training, sports)
  • Cooking classes
  • Gardening classes
  • Meditation and breathing classes
  • Philosophy classes that challenge students to question and to think critically

Did I miss anything?

As these shots and boosters continue rolling out onto the population in perpetuity, I encourage you to question them for the health of yourself, and for the health of your children.

Do you have any questions?