Are they steering me in the direction to optimize my health? Maybe, maybe not.

I flew from New York to North Carolina to co-host a wellness retreat.

Within hours of getting off the plane, I received a message from Instagram letting me know that people 16 and older can now get a medical injection in North Carolina.

It also conveniently provided me with the link to find an appointment for myself, my family members, and my friends.


I thought this message to me was very interesting.

First and foremost, we all know we are being tracked wherever we go, right? So that wasn’t the interesting part about this message.

What I found compelling was that they (the social media company) were encouraging me to get an experimental medical injection that has NOT been fully approved, and without knowing anything about me and my health history.

I already had the virus in the first wave back in 2020 and according to the medical experts my body now has the B cells and T cells to fight off this virus and its variants.

So, I would have much rather they gave me directions to the local farmers’ market or a link for the best hiking trails in North Carolina. Those things would surely serve my health and wellness needs better.

Access to delicious fresh local food, exercise, and sunshine are the choices that promote good health.

But, that wasn’t offered to me. And, it probably wasn’t offered to anyone else that landed in North Carolina, or in any other state for that matter.

I recently posted an article about being an Irresponsible Influencer on my Facebook account.

Directly underneath my article, as with many of my health and wellness articles of late, it was immediately flagged with a public service announcement from Facebook with a link to visit the “information center for resources.” See below.

Many folks had something to say about my article and they left a LOT of feedback on the post.

The best thing about social networks is that they provide a public forum that engages people in conversation sharing opinions and insights with each other.

But, a curious thing happened when I tried to reply to some of the messages in the feed.

A message popped up that was attempting to steer my conversation in a specific direction. A direction that I don’t actively promote.

Apparently, the doctors running Facebook wanted me to “Attach a fact” about the medical injections. See the dark blue box below.

So naturally, I clicked on the suggestion box, and below are the “facts” the social media medical company encouraged me to attach to my reply:

The first fact is not an actual “fact” as it relates to the current pandemic.

This specific medical injection has NOT been thoroughly tested for safety before being made available to the public.

In fact, it was fast-tracked, “developed quickly”, see the second fact, and authorized for emergency use authorization (EUA).

According to the FDA, below is what that means.

“An Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) is a mechanism to facilitate the availability and use of medical countermeasures, including vaccines, during public health emergencies, such as the current COVID-19 pandemic. Under an EUA, FDA may allow the use of unapproved medical products, or unapproved uses of approved medical products in an emergency to diagnose, treat, or prevent serious or life-threatening diseases or conditions when certain statutory criteria have been met, including that there are no adequate, approved, and available alternatives.[1]

Cardiologist, Dr. Peter McCullough, thinks this unapproved push on the public is not a good medical choice. He says, “We have no information on safety and we have no information on efficacy. It violates a simple medical practice principle, we don’t use things where we don’t have a signal of benefit or acceptable safety.”[2]

Normally, va*cines can take 5-10 years to be approved safe and then and marketed to the masses. At least that’s what John’s Hopkins University states.

“A typical vaccine development timeline takes 5 to 10 years, and sometimes longer, to assess whether the vaccine is safe and efficacious in clinical trials, complete the regulatory approval processes, and manufacture sufficient quantity of vaccine doses for widespread distribution.”[3]

Keep this in mind as you scroll through your feeds and are offered the opportunity to let FB, Instagram, or any other social media platform, steer your personal choices or your public conversations in a specific direction.

Ask yourself… “Are they steering me in the direction that supports my health and wellness?”

Maybe, maybe not.

You decide.

And, don’t let anyone else decide that for you.

Not the social media companies, not me, not anyone else but you.

Inside you, there is an inner knowing… a deeper wisdom.

It may be a hint of intuition tugging at you, or a little thought or a question that keeps popping into your consciousness.

That’s your inner wisdom speaking to you, trying to get your attention, and it knows exactly which direction to go.

Follow that.