Are symptoms being censored?

Recently, I shared an article about the negative symptoms that my clients and family members have experienced after taking the medical injections.

In that article, I talked about the dangers of censorship. Both censorship by the powers that be (the people in charge of what information the masses get access to), and self-censorship to appease our peers and community.

Ironically, that article and my thoughts about censorship were, of course, censored!

You can’t make this stuff up.

Linked In removed my article and informed me it was due to “misinformation.”

I thought they must have made a mistake. So, I followed their directions and asked them to “take a second look.” After taking a second look, they confirmed that my post was removed because it goes against their professional community policies for spreading misinformation.

Read for yourself to see how I was misinforming people – at least according to Linked In.

Luckily, my article was still being talked about and shared on my other social feeds.

Here is what some folks shared in the comments section after reading my article and following my advice to speak up and speak out about what they or people they know have experienced.

This is really happening, and people need to know about the potential symptoms and side effects so they can make a fully informed decision (informed consent) about whether or not this injection is the right choice for them.

There are negative side effects from EVERY pharmaceutical medication, including this one being rolled out in full force on an uninformed public.

Censorship is real.

It’s happening in America where freedom of speech is one of our inalienable rights.[1]

Why are negative symptoms NOT allowed to be talked out?

And, why are natural remedies that support health and wellness and reduce co-morbidity factors NOT being promoted by ANY mainstream organizations?

Specific information is actively being suppressed and censored from society at large, and we need to ask why.

Once again, I encourage you to SPEAK UP and SPEAK OUT if you or someone you love, is experiencing negative symptoms from ANY medical intervention.

Talk about it, share it with your friends and peers, and let your doctor know so you can report it to the correct authorities and get it on record.

The censorship happening around the world throughout this pandemic is downright dangerous to human health.

For the sake of your long-term health and happiness, question everything, and do NOT submit to anything unless you are fully informed and it feels right for you.