Are Graves and Hashimotos Disease Incurable?

Are Graves and Hashimotos Disease Incurable?

People suffering with Graves’ disease and Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis always tell me the same thing… “My doctor told me my condition is incurable because it’s autoimmune.”

The doctor is correct in his or her understanding. From what they learned in medical school, autoimmune conditions are incurable and treated with medications that suppress bodily symptoms.

Unfortunately, this can exacerbate the situation and make conditions worse![1]

Thankfully, there are many natural health practitioners, health coaches, and integrative/functional medicine professionals that understand something completely different about healing the body.

It’s called getting to the root cause of the problem. The root cause of ANY autoimmune condition starts by first diving into the digestive system.

Over 70% of our immunity lives in the digestive system. If the digestive system is overrun by rogue bacteria and viruses, immunity can, and will, become compromised.

According to the National Institute of Health and US National Library of Medicine. “There are more than 80 identified autoimmune diseases. Multiple factors are thought to contribute to the development of immune response to self, including genetics, age and environment. In particular, viruses, bacteria and other infectious pathogens are the major postulated environmental triggers of autoimmunity.”[2]

The first thing I do with clients suffering from autoimmune thyroid conditions is to clean up their internal environment. That includes getting bugs, parasites, worms and pathogens, that have grown out of control, out of their digestive system and gut.

I recommend an herbal product called Paraguard because it’s a triple whammy; it gets rid of bugs, worms and parasites! Most of us have these little creatures living inside us and we don’t even know it.

In general, the deeper the illness (how long the client has been suffering), the longer the herbal protocol. For most autoimmune thyroid conditions twenty-one days would be sufficient.

During that time I would suggest NOT taking probiotics!

I understand this may go against everything you’ve read about gut health, but there is a reason for this. As long as rogue bacteria are populating the digestive system they are going to EAT those probiotics you send them and they are going to thrive.

I had a client that complained about feeling gassy and bloated all the time. This can be an indicator of bacterial overgrowth as well as liver congestion. I suggested she stop taking probiotic capsules and incorporate some bug-killing herbs into her routine.

Within two weeks, the bloating she had been suffering with for almost a year was gone. Now, she swears  that her bloating and gas actually came from taking probiotics!

Don’t get me wrong, I DO recommend eating probiotic-rich foods like sauerkraut, kimchi, pickles, yogurt, and kefir as you are doing a bug and digestive system cleanse. But, I do NOT recommend powdered probiotic products that contain extremely high doses of bacteria (billions and billions of organisms).

The physical body may not need, or be able to handle, 50 billion microorganisms (or more) in one shot – as is the case with most probiotics.

Another thing to note is that when probiotic bacteria comes in the form of food, it is processed differently by the body. More organically, so to speak.

Want to learn more about healing the thyroid naturally?

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  • Denise DeMaras

    Hi Andrea, great post and thanks for the information about the New Healers Program. Definitely will look into that. The reason I comment is that I was diagnosed a year and half ago with Hashimoto’s, nearly 8 years after learning about it and knowing the importance of living our truth at IIN and from you. I learned so much there and saw your beaming health in your workshops.I was so grateful to b armed with all i learned when I was given that sentence by the doctor.

    Although I believed my diagnosis was wrong, I chose to I work with a homeopath who was trained traditionally in Bombay – she deals with the emotional component of disease. The same focus I have in my work as a writer and teacher. Sometimes we don’t realize we are living a lie, it’s unconscious- obscured by the years of conditioning or fear of not being accepted. Often too we choose to mask emotional pain – brave it out – rather than feel or deal with it.

    The point is most of us don’t choose to live a lie – we just don’t know our truth. It takes an objective person to help us see the way into our hearts sometimes. Disease seems to be an extreme way to seek out help but I know that without that diagnosis (right or wrong) I would not have sought help or healed. I look forward to learning more about your program and balancing the Thryoid from you!

    • @denisedemaras:disqus – thank you for sharing! You are correct, most of us do not know our truth. I have discovered that an amazing journey can begin when we start looking for it within ourselves.

      • Denise DeMaras

        Yes! that is where the truth lies – in our hearts

  • LaurieT

    Hi Andrea,
    Two nutritionists and health coaches both gave me your email address and the link to your website. I attempted to contact you through both and I never heard back from you. I have tried for weeks,
    Today, I decided to check the status of the private email that I send you and it shows that it was deleted! Either you no longer have that email address or you chose not to read it.
    I was not asking for free advice, I was explaining my situation and asking what book or DVD or yours would be the most beneficial to my situation. I cannot seem to get anyone to answer that. Is this the best way to contact you and receive some information?
    I am frustrated at best!
    Thank you,


    • @disqus_iEaC42RHWz:disqus – you may not have the correct email address because I haven’t received anything from you. Please try

      • LaurieT

        Thank you very much. I will resend the email. I am just so frustrated as I have not been able to find anyone that can help me and I have received so much misinformation.

  • Sandra Keros

    What a wonderful, informative article. You are so inspiring and I continue to learn from you all the time! Keep shining your light! Cheers, Sandra 🙂

    • @sandrakeros:disqus shine the light, shine the light… isn’t that a song? 🙂

      • Jim B.

        It’s part of the song “Philadelphia Freedom” by Sir Elton John.

  • Katherine

    Hi Andrea, I’ve been gluten free for about 2 years now and I’ve gone through intense spiritual healing. I’m living my truth now. I was anemic years ago and found out it was the gluten making my intestines unable to digest food especially iron, so that’s how I became anemic. My iron is normal now. Then I found out that the megadosing on iron made my zinc low so now my zinc is good. Then, I found out that magnesium would help a lot because our food doesn’t have enough. The magnesium brought my libido back to my teenage years yay! So now here I am wondering what my next step is to stop being dependent on my medication. 75mcg Synthroid and 10 mcg Leothyronine (a time release converter T3 T4) My digestive system is really good right now. I have energy, my skin looks good etc.

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  • What would you suggest doing to treat candida besides the bug free herbal product? By the way is that product gluten free?

  • kim

    As far a mercury is concerned, we live in a mercury-laden environment. For example, I lived near an antiquated coal plant which has finally been shut down because it does not meet current EPA standards. Coal ash (which was known to cover cars/homes/etc.) contains mercury and arsenic galore. It’s everywhere. (And don’t get me started about the “maladies” I feel are associated with these toxins!) What can we do to combat these toxins? How can we protect our children? (It should be noted, too, that the area in which I lived for 9 years now has concentration of a rare ocular cancer which normally only occurs in 1 in a million–9 cases in the last 7 years.)

    • @kim – if you live in a “cancer cluster” I would seriously think about moving. That usually indicates there is something in that environment (air, water, earth), that is not compatible with a healthy life.

  • Chiah rodriques

    This is all bery interesting. I suffer from Hadhimotos and for me it came on after getting my mercury fillings removed and so i dont know that recomending people get them out is a good thing. Many practitioners after i had them removed told me its worse to take them out bcs little molecules of the mercury can then enter the bloodstream, like in my case, and can lead to health problems. I was told to leave them in, to late for me!

  • Minati

    Is this safe for diabetics?

  • Sally

    I am a vegetarian 97% of the time..I will eat eggs once a week and salmon once a month…tuna if I have it still
    possible to well from Hashimotos

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