Are Dairy Products Toxic?

Are Dairy Products Toxic?

I posted a recipe on my social media page that was simply “Strawberries and Cream.”

Some folks said, “I make this with coconut cream. Dairy is too inflammatory…”

Others said, “I don’t eat dairy – too toxic – Will use coconut cream.”

And then there was this, “…..dairy is not healthy…..for anyone…and grass fed doesn’t mean anything more…grass fed is nutritious only due to the fact that the cow had greens at some point…the dairy industry is horrifyingly brutal ….coconut cream is definitely a better choice …hands down!!”

It’s interesting how this specific food can create such strong reactions in people. I agree that the modern dairy industry we’ve created is inhumane, and I don’t support it with my purchases.

I do enjoy purchasing and eating dairy products from my local farmers, and from companies that are raising their animals ethically and humanely.

But… when I was healing my thyroid, I took dairy out of my diet completely for two years! And, there is a reason for that.

Energetically, milk (from any mammal) promotes growth. It’s designed to plump up the baby with as many nutrients as possible to help build their little growing bodies. I had a large goiter. The ideal diet for my thyroid condition was to take dairy out to reduce any more potential goiter growth.

Whenever students or clients have growths of any kind (cancer, tumors, nodules, fibroids) I advise them to eliminate most, or all, dairy from their diets for a period of time.

You can witness the amazing growth factor properties contained within dairy proteins in body builders. They go crazy for whey protein in protein powders and protein shakes because it makes the body grow.

If you don’t want your body growing any more, ease up on the dairy, or eliminate it entirely, for a period of time.

I want to emphasize that I do NOT believe dairy is a BAD food. Dairy products have been used healthfully by many cultures around the world. Greeks, Italians, Tibetans, Indians, Spaniards, Swedish, Russians, the French and many other people, ate dairy in the form of yogurt, kefir, butter, cream, and cheese from a wide variety of animals (goats, yaks, sheep, cows, water buffalo, etc.).

It’s interesting that at the time of my diagnosis with thyroid disease and goiter, I was eating dairy ALL the time; it was a daily staple in my diet. I ate low-fat frozen yogurt almost every day. I was a chronic dieter and was mostly denying myself real food and real fat in my meals, so I was craving something comforting.

Dairy is quite comforting. It takes you back to “mother” and to a sense of love and nurturing. It is baby food and that’s one of the reasons why so many people love it. Many clients discover when they remove dairy from their diet, they lose that little pudginess they’ve been struggling with or notice that their extra chin magically disappears.

Dairy has many positive qualities, like making you feel plump and moist. For those of you that feel withered and dry, or need to put on some weight, dairy could be ideal.

And, cultured dairy can highly benefit digestive health, especially after you’ve undergone rounds of chemotherapy or antibiotics that destroy internal mucus and intestinal flora.

One of the roles of mother’s milk, for any mammal, is to populate the intestines with bacteria to help the baby digest food. Mother’s milk also lubricates the inside of the body with a layer of mucous that helps us blink and breathe; not all mucus is bad. For those of you suffering with dry eyes, or a dry cough, high quality dairy may be a good option.

Excessive amounts of mucus, on the other hand, can cause quite a mess. Talk to the people suffering from allergies who are overwhelmed with mucus and blowing their noses every five seconds, and you’ll understand what I mean. Their bodies are creating excess mucus because their food (whatever it is) is not being digested properly. The mucus acts as a protective layer.

I highly recommend cultured dairy products to help repopulate the intestinal flora and introduce a healthy layer of mucous back into the system after rounds of chemotherapy.

People who have gone through numerous rounds of antibiotics also need to repopulate their system and cultured dairy is a great vehicle for carrying beneficial bacteria into the body and helping that bacteria stick around. Naturally raised, grass-fed, organic, hormone-free and antibiotic-free dairy products can be good options for many people.

Traditional cultures would cook oatmeal or porridge with cream or milk. According to Dr. John Douillard, both raw milk and heavy cream have NOT been homogenized. He says, “From the Ayurvedic perspective, and that of many researchers, the homogenization process renders the fat in milk indigestible.” The research indicates that homogenization causes lactose intolerance, not dairy.[1] Whole raw milk and whipping cream (like that in my Strawberries and Cream recipe) are NOT homogenized.

If you’re suffering from digestive distress, dairy products may not work for your system in their whole undigested form. You may need the milk proteins broken down, already digested, in the form of yogurt or kefir.

I also do not recommend large quantities of cheese when healing the thyroid or any other condition. I know many of you are crying right now, “No! Don’t take away my cheese!” Don’t worry; it’s just for a little while. Many people suffering with thyroid disease also have trouble with constipation, and cheeses, especially dry hard cheeses, can contribute to constipation in some folks.

As you can see, dairy products are not off limits once you understand how they energetically affect the body. But, the only ones I would recommend at the beginning stages of healing are small amounts of kefir, yogurt, and butter.

As many folks suggested on my social media page, coconut cream can be a good replacement for creamy dairy. But, coconut cream is NOT a sustainable food for the health of my body, or the health of the entire planet. Large amounts of fossil fuel are burned to get those tropical coconuts up to the northeastern temperate climate where I live. Coconuts do NOT grow anywhere near me, and eating that food can have a detrimental effect on my organs and endocrine system. You can read more about that here: Seasonal and Local Eating for Health.

Do you still think Dairy products are toxic? If no, enjoy this delicious Strawberries with Fresh Cream. If yes, omit the cream, and still enjoy the Strawberries anyway that works best for you.