Healthy Thyroid For a Healthy Life

Jamie Logie from Regained Wellness interviews Andrea on all things thyroid!
In this interview you will learn:
  • Andrea’s personal story with thyroid problems
  • The thyroid’s role in the body
  • Issues regarding hyper and hypothyroidism
  • How to get your thyroid to function properly
  • Dangers of low and no fat diets
  • Foods you want to include for a healthy thyroid and overall health
  • Cooking tips for newbies in the kitchen
  • Cobb salads at the Canadian border…

Listen to it now!


  • Esther

    As usual.. you done did good.. your energy, enthusiasm lights up the soundwaves.. Now I don’t know why I am Esther.. I am Lexi

    • @disqus_7JFIlsZ4pk:disqus – Is that you Lexi? That’s so weird! Why are you showing up as Esther?