Accessing A Deeper Truth For Healing the Body

According to modern medical science, our endocrine system is responsible for regulating growth, mood, blood sugar, metabolism, energy levels, reproduction and immunity.

The various glands on the endocrine system communicate with each other through the production and release of hormones into the bloodstream. It’s a mechanistic model according to the scientific perspective.

But, there is another, much older view that needs to be taken into consideration to truly heal the body on a deeper level.

According to ancient wisdom, those same endocrine glands, and their position within the body, were referred to as chakras. For those of you that are new to understanding the chakras, they are an energetic system within the body.

You can’t see them with an x-ray, and when they are out of balance, it won’t show up on a blood test.

The chakras regulate and support your connection to your “self” and your emotional reactions to the world around you.

There are seven main body chakras and they are each connected to a different emotional, psychological and spiritual aspect of your self.

Here’s a brief overview of the chakras for a better understanding:

The first chakra (root of body, spine) connection to survival, ability to provide for yourself, and feelings of safety and security. It also represents your connection to your immediate family: mother, father, sister, brothers, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins.

The second chakra (gonads, testis, ovaries) connection to community and significant others. This is where your ability to “feel” emotions lives, and it’s where creativity is born. Humans can birth both babies and ideas from the second chakra.

The third chakra (pancreas/adrenals) connection to your sense of self. This is related to your self-esteem and self worth: who you are and what you are doing in the world. It is your “take action” chakra! When we have a strong sense of self we can digest what we need, and take on challenges that come our way.

The fourth chakra (thymus) connects to divinity or a belief in a higher power, or god. It’s also your connection to unconditional love, compassion, and forgiveness.

The fifth chakra (thyroid) ability to express yourself creatively, and voice your truth. It’s also connected to your senses of sight, taste, smell, and hearing.

The sixth chakra (pineal gland, pituitary) connection to wisdom and intuition. When the sixth chakra is healthy there is no second-guessing anything. You’ll know exactly what you need to know. It’s your ability to see, hear and know the truth.

The seventh chakra (hypothalamus, crown) connection to spiritual nature. This is your present-moment awareness, your faith, and inner guidance. It’s your ability to understand that everything is exactly the way it’s supposed to be.

Let’s focus our attention on the fifth chakra because, as a thyroid expert, it’s one of my personal favorites.

The fifth chakra is directly connected to our ability to communicate. A healthy fifth chakra is expressed through sharing emotions and thoughts that are truthful and honest. When the physical, emotional, and spiritual body is in alignment, we speak with grace and wisdom rather than with blame, hurt, and resentment.

Generally speaking, if people cannot healthfully express their own personal truths, they can develop a hypothyroid condition or a goiter. The truth gets stuck in their throat, emotionally, and can create a corresponding physical condition.

A student in one of my classes was suffering from hypothyroidism and a goiter. Diane told me that when she read and answered work emails she often found herself holding her throat.

When I asked if she was saying something in the emails that she didn’t want to say, she said, “Yes! I work for a government organization, and I have to be politically correct with my responses.” She realized that her standard email replies, and the truth of what she wanted to express, were in complete opposition to each other. She was withholding her truth to save her job. She said, “If I write back what I really want them to know, I would get fired.”

On the emotional and spiritual levels, if Diane doesn’t express her truth, her 5th chakra and thyroid may always have problems no matter how well she is eating or how well she takes care of herself. To fully heal her condition, she needed to get another job, one that was in alignment with her being able to speak her truth and nourish her spirit.

In most modern medicine practices, physicians look to the physical condition first and treat that as if it is the sole cause of the diseased condition.

Unfortunately, the root cause of that condition probably did NOT begin in the physical realm. Dense with matter, the physical world is the final place that a condition shows up. The thought or emotion that may have triggered that physical condition to start developing in the first place, began in an environment that moves much faster, traveling at the speed of light; the world of ether, emotion and spirit.

As a health coach, I assess not only the physical realm to help someone heal their body, but we dig a little bit deeper to see where the emotional/spiritual body may be out of balance as well.

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