A Mouthful of Madness!

Plombierte Zähne einer Frau

I don’t know who the rocket scientist was that thought putting one of the most toxic substances on the planet into the teeth was, but he certainly wasn’t using his head.

Mercury in our teeth has done more damage to our health than we can ever imagine, or that the ADA would ever admit.

Mercury damages the tissue of the things around it. It damages the things that are closest first and then it moves to other parts of the body.

The sublingual and parotid glands are the first parts to be affected by mercury in the mouth, and then the thyroid.[1]

Other parts of the body affected include the eyes, the sinuses, and the brain. As well as the digestive system, the nervous system and the kidneys.[2]

Mercury toxicity contributes to renal failure, infertility, tremors, digestive dysfunctions, autoimmune diseases including Graves and Hashimotos, hearing loss, memory loss, Alzheimers, cognitive impairment and hallucinations.

In the 1800’s the term “mad as a hatter” came from the hat making industry.

Mercury was used in the production of felt, which at that time, was used to make hats.

People working in the hat making industry were exposed on a daily basis. Many of them developed early dementia, and thus the saying, “mad as a hatter” was born.

I had a client that had been suffering with thyroid disease for over 25 years.

She came to see me for a consultation and began rattling off her symptoms; couldn’t think straight, was always feeling lost or in a fog, paranoia, insomnia, tremors, and she said she felt like she was “losing her mind.”

When she opened her mouth to speak – I could clearly see that almost ALL of her teeth were filled with mercury.  I couldn’t believe it! She must’ve had 20 fillings in her mouth.

With all of that mercury it may not matter how healthy her diet and lifestyle was, her thyroid and parotid gland could continue getting damaged with each bite of food.

It’s going to quite a long time to heal her condition. Maybe 4-7 years or longer. Depending on whether her kidneys and adrenals were damaged by that mouthful of mercury as well. Which is a good possibility.

If you have a LOT of mercury amalgams and you are suffering from Thyroid disease, I would suggest getting them SAFELY removed.

And, I say “safely!”

Because if you get them removed by someone that is not qualified you could be exposed to toxic levels when they extract it.

Do some research and make sure your dentist is using the best methods possible for extraction.

And, keep in mind that even if it is done safely, you could still be exposed. So do not get ANY mercury removed if you are pregnant or nursing. That could be disastrous for the health of the baby and lead to birth defects.

I had about ten mercury fillings in my mouth by the time I was 20 years old. I still have four left.

My thyroid is normal today – even with the four remaining fillings. But, I believe the excess amount that I originally had in my mouth was one of the contributing factors to my thyroid disease.

I will eventually get the remaining mercury removed. Recovery and healing is a process that happens one step at a time.

In the meantime I’ll continue eating well and using foods that help bind with mercury and naturally excrete it from the body. That includes garlic, cilantro, and sea vegetables.

Put these foods into your diet as often as possible.

Here’s one of my favorite way to eat sea vegetables – a delicious bowl of Miso Soup!


[1] http://www.naturalblaze.com/2013/04/mercury-fillings-and-missing-link-in.html

[2] http://www.mercola.com/article/mercury/mercury_elimination.htm


  • Grammy

    This is so misleading . I have a mouthful of silver fillings in my mouth and nothing is wrong with me at age 65. My daughter, who has Hashimotos disease, does not have a single filing in her mouth.

    • @Grammy – it’s good to know there is nothing wrong with you. I’m sorry to hear your daughter is suffering from Hashimoto’s. There’s a LOT she can do to heal her condition. Be sure to check out some of my blogs about thyroid disease.

    • G4Real

      I just got a filling. Silver amalgram. Is that unhealthy?

    • Myriam Lluria Sitterson

      Not misleading at all. Mercury is highly toxic. I had metallic taste and many signs of toxicity as well as thyroid symptoms but all the tests said my thyroid was fine. A functional medicine doctor sent me to get an ultrasound which showed I had a cyst and a nodule on my thyroid. I had them all taken out before having children.

  • Linda Mitchell

    I agree with Andrea. I had mercury poisoning from my old fillings, they used to put them under the gum, mine were decaying and leaching into my bloodstream. I had them all removed by a biological dentist and am tons better. I was so fatigued before and it made my thyroid sluggish, now I have my life back!

    • @disqus_NEflzXXbp3:disqus – I’m happy to hear you’re feeling better and have your life back. Life is good!

  • cherylrounds

    When I was diagnosed with periodontal disease, I determined that all of my deepest pockets were located under teeth with mercury fillings. The gums around teeth without fillings were fine.

  • Jeff Stein

    Andrea, what do the dentists replace the silver fillings with? And, is the alternative just as unhealthy? Most times, they are….

  • Rachel Rubalcava

    This could explain my hypothyroidism. I have 12 fillings (had 13) and am in the process of getting them safely removed by my new dentist.

  • Linka Crosby

    In New zealand while growing up I dont know what it was but it became a trend to fill your mouth up with mercury fillings, in such a beautiful country I could never understand the governments way of thinking.Anyhow I were younger then and the bad publicity never came out till I were in my thirties.I adventually had them taken out, and wow what a relief not having all that feeling of metal in my mouth.They were taking out over 3 sessions done ever so carefully.It was the best decision I ever made towards my health.Thanks, loved your article.You are one of my favourite female presenters at IIN, love your lectures:)

  • Karen Bodiford

    So happy I found your blog. Just found out that I have thyroid problems. It is great to know that there are ways to heal my body without being dependent on medicine.

  • Siu

    What if I have root canals? I’m so scared now after reading so many things. What would be the solution?

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  • Garlic, cilantro and sea vegies are great for anyone and adding them to our diet is really quite easy. Mercury toxicity is a real issue and I believe part of the reason I was once debilitated by illness.

    I had all of my fillings intelligently and carefully removed with a specific protocol that protected me, my dentist & his assistant. I then followed that with medical treatment to keep the toxins moving out of my body rather than camping somewhere else.
    Thanks for the article!

    • Denise Osborne

      @rommykirby:disqus What is the medical treatment called? I’m about to have one removed that I have days where I can actually taste the metal.

    • YIPES! Why did my head shot show up!?!

      • @rommykirby:disqus – I don’t know why your headshot showed up. I’m having my web gal look into this. BTW – it’s a GORGEOUS shot of you. OMG!! Your hair looks silky, eyes are twinkly, skin shiny, simply beautiful!

  • aspar

    what if a man has mercury fillings? what are the symptoms

  • My thyroid problem started way before I had the one amalgam filling in my mouth which was removed maybe three years ago. I don’t think it helped, but I don’t think it caused the problem either.