During a recent health coaching session, a client mentioned how she wants to add more variety to her meals, but feels confused and overwhelmed by “which foods are which” and “what is missing”. I wrote this to help clarify and simplify!


Plants- It is what gives them shape and allows them to stand up tall! It is what provides crunch (an no, potato chips do not count)

Fruits (strawberries, apples)

Vegetables (dark green leafy ones and the skins of root veggies)

Legumes (peas, garbanzo beans)

Nuts (almonds)

Whole Grains (oats, brown rice, popcorn)


a.k.a. Amino acids. Think outside the cow/chicken/pig on this one. Plant-based sources of protein are cleaner, more sustainable, have a greater concentration of vintamins and minerals, and are cheap and easier to prepare!

Vegetables (avocado, peas, dark leafy greens)

Legumes (soy (tofu, miso, and tempeh), chickpeas, lentils)

Nuts & Seeds (nut butters, pumpkin and sunflower seeds)

Non-dairy milks (hemp, almond)

Unrefined Grains (quinoa, brown rice, oats, sprouted grain breads)


Key to a healthy, happy life! Do not fear fat. It is necessary for most basic biological functions, cushions the organs, and is a fuel source. The key is quality over quantity.

Avocado, durian (on my food bucket list!), coconut oil, flax seeds, chia, and other nuts and seeds, and olive oil. Try to include one high quality fat at eat meal to aid in vitamin and mineral absorption, as well as feel sated, and look gorgeous (I am convinced fat cured my skin woes).


The most misunderstood word in our language, thanks to the media, book sales, food marketers, magazines, etc. etc.

Everything is either a cab, a fat, or a protein. More specifically, most foods contain all three, just the ratio varies.

I met a woman who recently finished a nursing program. She was going to be giving out information at a health fair on diabetes and diet and did not know that broccoli was a carbohydrate!!!

Sure, some carbs are better than others (brown rice vs white), but listen to your gut. You are smart. Broccoli, or any vegetable, is a better choice than a low-carb snack bar, or a burger without a bun.

And in case that doesn’t simplify it enough, here is how to make your salad/pizza/sandwich/pasta dish more fulfilling.

Whole grain base + protein + leafy green + colorful veggie(s) + healthy fat = sustained energy and a happy tummy!

Ex 1: Brown rice + black beans + kale + red bell pepper + olive oil = fiesta bowl

Ex 2: Sprouted bread + tempeh + spinach + tomato + avocado = super sammy

Ex 3: Oatmeal + walnuts + apple + coconut yogurt = a great way to start the day

Have fun playing with this formula!

Think whole foods. Think color. Think variety. Don’t get caught up in labels or serving sizes, or points. Simplify your life by eating real food. And don’t be shy! I am here to support and guide you along the way!
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