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Ginger Slurry Tea

Are the people around you sniffling and sick? If you are afraid of catching the virus, drink this spicy ginger tea every morning. You’d be amazed at how well it works to keep corona from fully entering your system.

Are you worried about the new covid wave?

As news stations, government organizations, and billionaire philanthropists have warned, the latest wave of coronavirus has descended upon the population once again. The fear is being ramped up, masks are making a comeback, and another round of vaccines are being readied for masses. But, is all the hype about the latest wave of variants really […]

Top 5 recipes you loved in 2022

From all of the recipes I create each year, some reign supreme and stand out above rest. According to your 300K (yowza!) page views on my website, these were the best of the best in 2022!

Everyone is getting sick. Do you know what to do?

Have you noticed that everyone everywhere is getting sick? Yep, you can’t escape it. BUT, you can nip it in the bud before it catches a hold of you. Here are three quick and easy steps to kick all that yuck to the curb.