3 Reasons to Use Food as Medicine

We’ve all heard the catchphrase, “Food is Medicine.”

But, do you understand the reason why this message is so important?

Don’t worry… I’m not going to leave you hanging!

Below are my top 3 reasons why it’s imperative that we start using food as our main source of medicine:

Risk of Death from Prescription Medication

Prescription medication is promoted to the masses of people who are suffering from chronic sicknesses.

Unfortunately, many of those medications come with a slew of dangerous side effects, some of which are downright deadly!

“Almost one-third of new drugs approved by US regulators over a decade ended up years later with warnings about unexpected, sometimes life-threatening side effects or complications, a Yale University analysis has found. These approved drugs have safety issues such as increased risk of serious skin reaction, liver damage, cancer, and death.”[1]


I’ve yet to hear of anyone that died from eating an apple.

Over Supplementation

3 Reasons to Use Food as Medicine

When people began getting hip to the negative effects of pharmaceutical medications, and the positive effects of nutrients, the supplement industry flourished!

It was touted as a natural alternative for the prevention of disease, but in truth, supplements are isolated nutrients that can accumulate in bodily systems and wreak havoc.

In the short term, supplements can have great benefits, but in the long term, over-supplementation can have detrimental and life-threatening effects on the body.

A prime example is calcium supplementation. Forty years ago, everyone was encouraging women to take calcium supplements to help strengthen their bones.

Today, we know that calcium supplements contribute to higher rates of breast cancer, heart disease, and stroke.[2] Calcium supplements have also been linked to an increased risk of kidney stones and prostate cancer in men.[3]

No gender is safe from over-supplementation.

Use supplements wisely, and give your body a break from supplements every few months. And, always remember that supplements are exactly that…  a supplement to a wholesome diet. Not the other way around.

The Design of the Human Body

Eating for Energy!

The supplement industry was on the right track wanting to use nutrients to prevent disease.

But, they neglected to take into account the design of our body; the human body is not an isolated nutrient factory.

The body has a specific set of functions that need to be taken into consideration to prevent disease and optimize health.

The human body is clearly designed to eat food.

We have teeth that masticate our food, enzymes, and acids that break it down to extract the various nutrients, and muscles that move fibrous waste and debris through the digestive tract for excretion from the body.

Simply put… when wholesome foods with all of their macro and micronutrients intact enter the system, the body will extract what it needs and naturally discard the waste.

Start making the catchphrase, “Food as Medicine,” more than just a fluffy idea and eat wholesome, organic, naturally raised, local and seasonal foods.

You may discover that just by making this one simple shift, your body will begin functioning better – the way it’s designed.

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