Essential Skills to Enhance Your Health Coaching Business

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Tuesday, January 15th at 7PM EST- Register HERE

Place: Online
Cost: FREE

Learn essential skills to help you stand out in the crowded field of health coaching and wellness practitioners.

It’s time to expand your healing knowledge and get the information you need to build your confidence and grow your business.

Join Andrea Beaman in this LIVE training where you will learn:

  • How to boost your confidence by using ancient knowledge to understand the body
  • To get to the root cause of illness and create specific healing protocols
  • Why it’s vital to assess conditions and prevent disease
  • How to support your client’s using diet, lifestyle, and herbs to re-balance their body.
  • Why assessing patterns within the physical body leads to quicker and more efficient healing protocols
  • How applying these practical skills will boost your confidence, attract more clients, and earn a greater income
  • Get ready to establish yourself as an expert in the wellness revolution

Mark your calendar and I’ll speak to you LIVE!

Tuesday, January 15th at 7PM EST- Register HERE