If you eat organic, locally grown food, would you put toxic chemicals onto your lips?

Yes it’s true….you are what you eat and you are created by what you put onto your skin. Your lips are a doorway into your body, what you put into your mouth and onto your lips matters!

Most women don’t realize what they are applying to their Lips several times everyday, which choice will You make for Your Lips?

In July 2009 I was told I had symptoms of DCIS early stage breast cancer in my body! This was one of the most shocking times in my life and as I read more about breast cancer I learned more and more about the reported links between breast cancer and cosmetics. Stacy Malkin’s book: Not Just a Pretty Face inspired me to review all my personal care and cosmetic products.

As Gwyneth Paltrow says, “Beauty, to me, is about being comfortable in your own skin. That, or a kickass red lipstick.”
Most women don’t realize what they are applying to their lips several times every day, but now you can have that “kickass red lipstick” without compromising what you put into your body.

As a Holistic Health Coach since 2005 my business Beautiful Food Coaching was created with a passion for using foods as natural beauty treatments. In 2010 as I was still working through symptoms of DCIS breast cancer I received a “vision” sitting at my desk one-day to create a natural lipstick product. At that time I knew nothing about making lipstick but I did have product development experience from my previous sixteen year career in the fashion business.

Following the flow and synchronicity of this project I was connected through my hairstylist to an amazing woman in NYC with experience in formulating cosmetics. Together we created the custom-blend plant-based formula for Super Natural Lips hand-made with love in the USA. Super Natural Lips formula is kind to animals, gluten-free, vegan, nut-free, and contains ingredients that are 60% organic. Enjoy your Super Natural Lips experience supernaturallips.com

Fiona Barrett