After several years in the health field, I have watched, (particularly women) visit their physician.

The confused look on their face, and the longing look in their eyes for an answer. Searching for any answer to the many symptoms that plagued them. But minutes later, I watched as that same person left without any sign of relief on their face, but only with prescriptions in hand.

It may be necessary to treat with pharmaceutical drugs at times, but it is not the only answer.

Why does this continue? Maybe it is because we naively feel the doctor is all knowing and waves his/her magic pen and finds us a cure-all prescription.

I watched this scenario take place over and over, until I was involved in a head on accident and became THAT perplexed woman sitting in the office chair. Looking as if I had stuck my finger in an electrical outlet, I was handed 5 prescriptions and told to follow up in a month.

Wait a minute…my thyroid is the size of a golf ball, my body is racked with pain, I am overwhelmed with fatigue, and you hand me no less than five prescriptions. Is this how it ends? Is this what my future holds?

We must not settle; we cannot settle for no answers.
We must not settle; we cannot settle for just treating the various symptoms.

We must be our own best friend and investigate and delve into areas we have no expertise in but, can become experts in. Yes, we can help ourselves and help others as a result of our own physical trials.

Andrea Beaman is the perfect example of this. I was going through my painful experience, treating myself with diet,oils, anti-inflammatory supplements, “green things,” and helping my body heal itself. Lo and behold, I find VERIA and ANDREA. All I could do was sit, watch and over and over say, “Yes, yes, yes, someone it getting the message out!”

Every woman can be an influence to others. May we strive together to open the eyes of women who are suffering needlessly. We can help each other!

I now see the blessing of four and a half years of pain, no sleep, and trying to work all at the same time.

The blessing is being able to pass on the knowledge, the hope, and the wonderful life that CAN be found after a diagnosis or illness.

Jo Crane

Cert Med/Surg Asst