This week in tip #2 we’re also talking about food. Yep – in case you haven’t guessed it, the holidays are all about FOOD. So, I have some more tips to help you stay smart about food so that you can fit into (and feel great) in your favorite holiday outfit, have abundant energy to keep up with your uncle’s long stories, and still be enthusiastic for the after-turkey walk with your sister.

Tip #2: Plan in Advance for Meals

While having snacks with you is an excellent start, you also need some real meals. Doing a tiny bit of homework in advance can empower you to take charge of your health this holiday:

Check out restaurant menus in advance. By looking at the online menu, you will have a much better idea what healthy choices you can make in a restaurant. And, if the menu doesn’t look like it will have something you will enjoy or can eat, then tactfully suggest another restaurant. Or, you can even call the restaurant ahead of time and ask them if they can honor your special requests. Knowing that you can eat healthy before you get to the restaurant can allow you to relax and enjoy your meal.

Help with meal preparation. If you are visiting someone during the holiday, ask if you can help in the preparation of the meals. That way you can offer to make a salad or your favorite healthy side dish. Or, better yet, offer to cook an entire meal – you can share some of your favorite recipes while knowing that the meal will meet your dietary lifestyle.

Bring your own food. Even if you are a house guest during the holidays, don’t be shy about bringing your favorite foods. This is important if you have a special diet such as eating gluten-free or if you know that your high-fiber cereal gets you off to a good start to the day. Your host will appreciate you looking out for yourself and you will have some familiar foods that you know you can eat.

Planning your food in advance is a SMART way to feel fabulous this holiday season. Enjoy, and Happy Holidays!

Heather Jernigan

Holistic Health Coach