Lately I am obsessed with Whole Foods’ salad bar.  Every time I get their salad bar, I always think if I only I could have this stuff accessible to me at all times, I would eat buckets of veggies every meal of the day.  As it stands, I do eat a decent amount of vegetables (on most days), but there is something ridiculously convenient about having cut veggies, protein, nuts and salad dressings all lined up waiting to be picked, that I am mildly obsessed with.  It seems that if everybody had the ease of such a spread, we would all eat healthfully all the time.  Ok maybe that is a stretch, but I know it is a lot easier to grab a handful of chips or pop a frozen pizza in the oven when I am less than motivated to prepare lunch, dinner or a snack.

As much as I adore that glorious salad bar, there is no way my budget will allow for such an indulgence at every meal, every day, so I decided to recreate THE bar.  Honestly, this is not a monumental task and I am not reinventing the wheel here, but for all of those people who need a gentle nudge towards eating healthier, I suggest spending one day of the week, prepping.  Please do not underestimate the power of prep.  Sunday, I did just that.

I got my greens washed:

I boiled some beets:

I roasted some squash & yams:

I boiled some eggs:

The Husband grilled a chicken breast:

I pulled a bunch of beans out of the freezer that I cooked up last week.

Cut up the above ingredients, place in separate containers and poof  Whole Foods’ salad bar. Or a wee bit dialed down version:

I usually top salad monster with a variety of toppings that are at my finger tips to allow for an ease of plopping right on top. I rotate between:

blue cheese crumbles
goat cheese
dried currants

Salad dressing usually involves some combo of:

olive oil
honey mustard- if you have not tried this, you must
apple cider or balsamic vinegar
fresh squeezed lemon

If you’re still not sold on the in-house salad monster, ponder this: The more veggies you eat, the more veggies you want to eat.  The more veggies you eat the better you feel and the less cookies you consume.  With that said, instead of worrying about eliminating certain foods from your diet, focus on bringing in more veggies and the not-so-healthy foods will stop taking up the starring role in your diet.  Give it a whirl and see if you agree.

Kelli Preston