Guest Blogger

“Dear friends, when you’re on the path to a lifestyle of balance, holistically moving back to being in tune with your body, the natural world and healing yourself physically, emotionally as well as balancing your spirit, I must urge you again to value the practice of Feng Shui.

Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese art and science of placement, has been practiced for over 5500 years. Together with its sister energy medicine, Vastu, which originated in India, its power to re-instate balance in the lives of those who are unwell, in certain types of strife and suffering, is unparalleled. We can prove this very quickly, so read on & play with me!

Feng shuiPlease take a quick look around the physical space where you are reading these words now. First, the lighting. Too bright, too dark? Are you happy with the direction from which the light enters, the noise level of the room, the room’s temperature, any smells that may be in the air? How about the level of clutter and amount of objects in the room? Consider the people, animals and plants who share your space- do you feel comfort or discomfort with them? Simply by becoming aware of these influences you will be realising just how much of your energy is being devoted to blocking/longing/wishing/worry/disharmony in the very room you sit at this very moment.

Now, imagine if that blocking/longing/wishing/worry/disharmonious energy was Unblocked. Imagine if you did not look around to see (for example) the pile of papers that needs attending to, the couch that need re-upholstering, the wardrobe filled to the brim that needs clearing out. How much more peaceful & tranquil would you feel? Where could you direct that extra energy towards? You would find, as my clients do, the inner freedom to devote more time to relationships in your life… to the work you love to do… to investing in new ideas that excite and please you! And after not-so-long-a-time investing your new energy and freedom in such pursuits, you will find your life bears new fruit of such joy and happiness, you will be thrilled at the progress you’ve made towards your more beautiful and balanced life.

Such is the power of feng shui. Of course, you can live somewhere cluttered and chaotic and still enjoy good health and fortune. Because, as I was taught and am happy to share, feng shui is only the third most powerful form of luck. The first is Heaven Luck—the stars we were born under (a good astrological reading is recommended so you can prepare for the prosperous and lean times of your life based on your astrological chart.) The second, is Man Luck—the luck we make for ourselves, through constant focus and application towards what we desire. The third is Feng Shui—the impact that our everyday environment has in every aspect of our life.

But why swim against the tide, especially if you are going through a “lean time” in your Heaven Luck? Feng Shui can and will untap energy that you will find helpful and gloriously useful on your path to new creation. Pick up a book on the subject, go by intuition or hire a professional who brings trained eyes to points of blockage in your home & work space. This ancient knowledge is available to help you. Please use it!”


Samantha Honey-Pollock is an Intuitive & Health Coach as well as a Feng Shui expert. Her writings on the subject have been featured in Cosmopolitan and Womens Health magazines internationally. She consults in person and via skype. You can find out more at and reach her by email: