Guest Blogger

Everyone is talking about what’s in our food. Recent exposure about ingredients has highlighted that we may not know exactly what we have bought. We are in a transition phase and seeing the growth in illness and disease affecting us all; if not personally, then someone we know has to deal with it. Allergies and reactions to additives, gluten and dairy products and all varieties of sugar are particularly relevant concerns to people today, and justifiably so. Someone with diabetes or celiac disease needs to know what is in his or her food.

labelsWe are becoming more conscious of what we are eating. With that comes the responsibility of knowing what is in the food we are eating. Clear print labels are vital to the well-being of everyone and it is essential to support the people who do want to take responsibility for what they are eating by giving them clear, easy to read food labels.

The majority of people don’t know what the scientific names for foods are. There is a need to support people who are interested in what they are eating. By encouraging food manufacturers to use correct labeling that listed the real contents, we are supporting a society towards understanding what they are eating. The consumer can then make an informed choice whether to make the purchase or not.

We are becoming more aware and interested in what we are eating ourselves and serving our children. Childhood obesity is a self-inflicted issue that is inhibiting our children to be all that they can. It leads to diabetes, heart disease and skeletal problems. We are not taking care of our future generations. By not taking responsibility for what we are eating, we are encouraging self-abuse and that pattern is passed down to the next.

Correct food labeling is a responsibility of all food manufacturers and by making it clear, readable and in layman’s terms with both scientific and natural terminology, we are putting many steps on the path to empowering people to shop with responsibility. When labelling is clear, we can know absolutely what’s in our shopping trolley and ensure that the food that comes into our homes, into our fridges and pantry’s, cooked, baked, sautéed and stir-fried and then onto the dining tables of our families that we know exactly what we are eating and where it comes from.

It is the foundation to making a healthy choice towards a healthy life.

Richard Cliffe, Insignia Labels