Are You Feeling Super Stressed? Try These 3 Simple Tips.

Don’t wait until your adrenals are exhausted, or your thyroid slows down, or your bones deteriorate, to change your behavior. Start now.

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Are You Feeding Your Mind? Try Breathing.

Learning how to breathe properly reduces stress, supports our adrenals, hormones, and the entire nervous system. Start breathing!

Why You Don’t Need to Accomplish Everything On Your To-Do List

BEcky beachSince I became a mom, I started keeping a to-do list on my iPhone. I like to believe that it helps me stay organized. Plus it’s easier to keep track of than a post-it note, which my daughter Emma would likely mistake for a sticker.

Some […]

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Got Hypothyroid? SLOW DOWN!!

Suffering with Hypothyroid? SLOW DOWN!!

Stress! The Grym Reaper

Have you ever had one of those days when you are majorly stressed out? Everything you touch falls apart, you’re consumed with deadlines, financial issues and problems that seem impossible to overcome? Well what if I told you that your stress is causing more harm than the actual […]

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