Weight Loss: The Whole Package.

guest-blogger-forksEver wonder why the weight just isn’t coming off after months, or even years of battling relentlessly with diets, extreme exercise regimens, supplements, therapy etc.?

You might have felt like you were going nowhere and that your body is just meant to stay the way it is. Maybe […]

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Feeling Physically Drained? Electronics May Be the Reason!

If you are trying to heal a thyroid condition, or any other bodily ailment, minimize the amount of time spent on the computer, cell phone, and electronic equipment. Here's why...

I Hate the Gym! But, I LOVE Exercising!

exercise gym stairmasterIt’s not that I think the gym is a bad place. It certainly is not! It’s just not the right place for me.

Many years ago when I was stuck in a dieting mindset, I used to starve myself of real food and then torture […]

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