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What Are You Feeding Your Mind?

guest-blogger-forksWhat are you feeding your mind? Did you know that your thoughts and attitudes in life have a direct relationship with your health. Scientist have proof that there is a direct mind-body connection. Our mind and body are one.

So a constant diet of watching/reading the news, […]

A Cheat Sheet


During a recent health coaching session, a client mentioned how she wants to add more variety to her meals, but feels confused and overwhelmed by “which foods are which” and “what is missing”. I wrote this to help clarify and simplify!


Plants- It is what gives them […]

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Guess what may be keeping the weight on!

Ever wondered why you can’t drop that last 10 pounds?

A new study from Oregon has found that study participants who had the most trouble dropping 10 pounds on a weight loss program were so stressed or depressed that […]

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