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Hypothyroid is Preventable and Reversible. Here’s how…

Just as the majority of heart disease is preventable, and type II diabetes is reversible, so it is with thyroid disease.

If you’ve got 43 seconds, you’re going to want to read this…

Don’t let the number one killer in the world gets it’s grips on you. Read this now to learn how to save your's or someone else's life.

Make These 3 Healthy Choices for a Happy Heart


No matter what you do to stay active, the key point is to add some kind of activity into your day-to-day life. Each year, 1 in 3 women die of heart disease, which is about one woman every minute. There are ways to combat […]

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Are You Calling Me a Tree Hugger?!

Are you calling me a tree hugger? I resemble that remark!

Where is the Sweetness?

Where is the sweetness? Find out why we are overeating the sweet flavor like crazy in our modern society. You may be surprised.

How Long Does It Take To Heal?

woman hourglassWhen I hear the statement, “How long will it take to heal?” from clients and students, it’s often spoken with a sense of dread.

Many folks begin incorporating an improved diet and lifestyle and then erroneously expect healing to happen overnight. And, when it doesn’t happen […]

Dangerous Drugs or Leafy Greens – What Would You Choose?

IMG_3299Heart disease hits close to home for me. My father, Richard Beaman, had a history of high cholesterol.

His numbers were in the upper 300’s!

Not only was his cholesterol extremely high (according to modern medicine), he was also healthy and strong as an ox!

That is, until he started […]

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A Salty Situation

imagesA gentlemen seated next to me at a dinner discovered I am a holistic health coach and asked my opinion about vitamin and mineral supplements.

I told him, I think vitamins and minerals are great, but I believe it’s better for us to get those nutrients from our daily […]

The Big Fat Cholesterol Myth