The most powerful Ingredient for Heart Health, is…

Too often we are taught to suppress what makes us come alive. We hear things like “be realistic, don’t get your hopes up, be practical, passion doesn’t pay the bills,” and on and on.

Millions of people are being diagnosed with this disease. Will you be next?

Don’t wait for your statistical turn with this disease. Do everything possible to prevent disease from forming and taking up permanent residence in your body in the first place.

Do you want to prevent winter ailments? Here’s how…

To help you make it through this sniffling and aching season here are my top three herbs and some tips to keep your immune system strong to help ward off those winter bugs and pathogens.

Beets Are Better!


Beets are better, there, I said it! Better than what you ask? Better than night shade vegetables. They are a powerhouse of nutrition and considered to be one of the healthiest foods on the planet.

Beets contain precious life sustaining vitamins and […]

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Are You Under the Influence of Someone Else’s Belief System?

I believe we have been under the influence of a deeply flawed medical system for a very long time.

Is Your Body Feeling Weak? Invest In Some Good Stock!

Stock contains a wealth of nutrients that help support the body on a deep level, all the way down to the bones!

Five Super Foods for Naturally Super Skin

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Could five essential superfoods beat an expensive cosmetic when it comes to super skin?

It seems like every magazine features the new cream, lotion or serum that’s touted to be the next “superstar for healthy skin.” But the reality is that true beauty comes from within. […]

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Are You Confused About Whether or Not Grains Are Good For Health? You Are NOT Alone!

Chances are, if you are eating grains that are NOT properly prepared they can be damaging your body.

What Are You Feeding Your Mind?

guest-blogger-forksWhat are you feeding your mind? Did you know that your thoughts and attitudes in life have a direct relationship with your health. Scientist have proof that there is a direct mind-body connection. Our mind and body are one.

So a constant diet of watching/reading the news, […]

How to Get Regular Exercise into Your Life

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I am a huge fan of exercise and fitness. On a personal level, I don’t feel right if I don’t exercise each day. My body craves movement. Some days it may simply be a walk or 10 minutes of yoga stretches, but I have to […]

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