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Opportunity is often missed because it looks like hard work

Health coaches contact me wanting to know how I became successful at this business and what they can do to achieve similar results. Here's how to do it...

Are you seeking an awesome Maca recipe? Try this one…

I received many emails from people wondering how to cook maca! Here's one of my favorite recipes.

Tis the Season for Sharing… and Sneezing!

There are many highly effective home remedies you can rely on to help strengthen your body and make it through the holidays with your health intact.

“Help! My Hair is Falling Out! What Can I Do to STOP it?”

When it comes to the health of your hair, try not to freak out, just make sure you are getting adequate nutrition, reducing stress, and balancing your hormonal system as best as possible.

“Stupid, Uninformed, Foolish Activist!” That’s What They Called Me. Here’s why…

We all have the right to question the things that are happening around us. At the very least it inspires conversation, and at it’s best it can lead to greater understanding and improvements for our society as a whole.

If You Think There is NO Cure for the Common Cold, You Haven’t Tried This…

People say there is no cure for the common cold because they try to stop the body’s normal discharge symptoms instead of assisting the body and fighting the virus!

Are You Feeding Your Mind? Try Breathing.

Learning how to breathe properly reduces stress, supports our adrenals, hormones, and the entire nervous system. Start breathing!

Feeling Physically Drained? Electronics May Be the Reason!

If you are trying to heal a thyroid condition, or any other bodily ailment, minimize the amount of time spent on the computer, cell phone, and electronic equipment. Here's why...

A Seasonal Vegetarian

As the seasons change, my eating habits do as well. I've noticed I'm a seasonal vegetarian, how about you?

Seasonal Eating to Enhance Health and Flavor!

The newest food trend on the market, “locavorism,” advises us to purchase and eat foods that grow in our immediate environment. This is a fantastic concept, but...