Fields of Gold!

Goldenrod is traditionally used for respiratory ailments like lung inflammation and kidney issues like stones and bladder infections. Have you seen this wild herb growing near you?

Are You Calling Me a Tree Hugger?!

Are you calling me a tree hugger? I resemble that remark!

The RAW Truth about Thyroid Health

Eating a raw foods diet and not actually feeling better? Read here to find out why.

She said what?! Burn the Witch!

When I say something that goes against popular medicine, pharmaceuticals or science, I am deemed “irresponsible” and chastised for my “dangerous” behavior. What are people so afraid of?

What?! I can’t believe YOU are sick!

“It’s impossible,” they say. “You are the healthiest person I know. How can this be?”

That’s what I hear from folks when they discover I have a cold or flu, or a virus that can cause laryngitis.

It’s almost as if people think I’m some sort of superhuman that is […]

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How Can We Heal?

One morning I posed a question to my husband as we were taking our daily walk through Central Park.

I said, “What’s this life for? What is our purpose here on this planet?”

He looked at me from the corner of his eye. He knew where I was going.

I […]

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Down in a Hole

More people become depressed during the winter months but it can certainly happen at any time of the year. Read more here.

The Curse of Candida!

Every time I went on a candida “curing” protocol, things would go well for a period of time, but as soon as I stepped off the program, my body would have a horrible reaction! Until I found this missing piece...