The ONE thing you can do to heal thyroid disease…

Newsflash! There is NEVER just ONE thing to heal your thyroid disease, or any other disease you may be suffering with. Here's what you need to know...

Are you eating an extreme diet? It may not be working for you.

Should you be on an extreme and/or restrictive diet? Maybe for a few months, but certainly not for a lifetime. Here's why...

What Do You Think ALL Autoimmune Diseases Have In Common?

With Autoimmune diseases, the body can fluctuate between remission and flare-ups. One day you’ll feel great and the next day you’ll feel as if you’ve been hit by a Mack truck!

These Top 5 Healthy Food Habits May Be Destroying Your Thyroid!

Before you reach for the vegetable crudite at the next party you may want to continue reading. Not all "healthy foods" are healthy for us.

Are Graves and Hashimotos Disease Incurable?

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TSH, T3, T4… STOP chasing the Thyroid bloodwork!

STOP focusing on the thyroid hormone levels in the blood tests! Those tests are not accurate for healing thyroid disease.