digestive health

Are You Damaging Your Body by Detoxing?

Before you start any type of liver detox protocol, it’s best to ensure your intestines and kidney/bladder system is in tip-top shape.

Do You Look at Your Food and Smell it Before Eating?

Utilizing your sense of smell is essential for regulating your food intake and for letting you know whether or not something is going to nourish you.

Got Parasites In Your Body? I Bet You Do!

Most people, including me, don’t even know they have little creatures inhabiting their bodily systems. Here's what you can do about it...

You Eat Gluten? How Could You!?

Do you eat gluten? I do, and I usually get flack for it! Read why...

Sneezing Into Spring? You Don’t Have To!

Many people think allergies come from outside the body, but that’s not necessarily true. Allergies can indicate the internal environment and digestive system is out of balance.