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“Stupid, Uninformed, Foolish Activist!” That’s What They Called Me. Here’s why…

We all have the right to question the things that are happening around us. At the very least it inspires conversation, and at it’s best it can lead to greater understanding and improvements for our society as a whole.

She said what?! Burn the Witch!

When I say something that goes against popular medicine, pharmaceuticals or science, I am deemed “irresponsible” and chastised for my “dangerous” behavior. What are people so afraid of?

Mutilate My Body? Not Intentionally!

I don't believe mutilating my body and removing my breasts actually heals it. What do you believe?

Radiate My Thyroid? What?! No Freakin’ Way!

Sickness doesn’t happen overnight. My thyroid disease took twenty-eight years to develop. If you’re thinking about incorporating a natural healing plan, keep in mind that health and wellness doesn’t happen overnight either.

I Don’t Believe in Cancer. Do you?

Don’t get me wrong, I believe cancer exists.

What I don’t believe in is the modern diagnosis and treatment of this condition.

Cancer (and other disease) doesn’t happen overnight.

I’ve had clients come for health coaching and say, “One morning I woke up and there […]

Mammogram? Heck no! Here’s why…

To reclaim our health it’s imperative that we begin questioning modern medical practices and the influence they have had on our choices. The advertisements for medical procedures and drugs may be killing you.

Honoring My Mother’s Journey

IMG_7078In 1980 my mother experienced a dull pain inside her armpit.  The pain persisted for several months, and eventually settled into her breast where she discovered a small lump.

The doctors performed a battery of tests and a mammogram, but couldn’t find anything serious.  They told her […]

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