Ever heard of a fictitious fantasy that foretells the story of a time in future where humans live off encapsulated food. All the sumptuous flavors to be gulped in, fulfilling the most basic nutrient needs of the body. Do you believe such a world could exist? What if I say it’s an almost achieved possibility? Literally!

Every single day we listen about hundreds of supplements that add up to the quality of healthy living. But does adding up means replacing nutrition, training and rest? No, being highly effective additions, even the most efficient of sports supplements are no replacement for a healthy, energy filled nutrition and proper training. The idea is very simple, if you are an athlete, whether pro or amateur, your daily routine includes a great deal of energy consuming workout along with a heightened need of rich energy nutrition.

During a workout the muscles utilize the energy at a higher rate, thus requiring the body to generate it at a faster pace. This is the place where sports supplements come in. To replenish the energy reserves drained by hectic sporting activity or training these supplements help keep the body going and make it possible to consume more food and produce more energy.
The myths that usually surround these sports supplements are:

Sports supplements replace hard work
Well that one is an oldie, where sports supplements are considered some magic potion to magically enhance muscles and stamina in a wink. No they don’t. Sports supplements work just like any additional performance boosters that require a good deal of training and a well balanced diet to work with.

Sports supplements are not safe
This one finds its basis in the reported incidents where some athlete was branded on use of a certain banned object that ACCIDENTALY appeared in his/her sports supplement. Other than that we could get a hold of certain anonymous posts around the web claiming the side effects of chemical based sports supplements. Well, the concept is quite simple. When a certain product is available over the counter without a prescription it is very difficult to differentiate between the good quality products and the rip offs. A detailed research before purchase or utilizing the ones with natural ingredients and vitamins like a Grape Juice Concentrate supplement always proves worthwhile.

Sports supplements do not work

Probably the oldest of myths surrounding sports supplements is that they are phony little products that provide very little of the benefits they promise. Well what most of us might not know is a fact that less than 1 % of people get all the energy they need from diet only. Essential minerals and nutrients are a regular requirement to provide the energy balance to life.

The competitiveness of the sporting world requires an athlete to be fully prepared with a well balanced diet and training program assisted with an effective sports supplement to keep the performance up to the mark.

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