00002219You can call them ancient. You can call them funny. But science says that they are really good for us. Many of natural methods were made by people but we forgot about them because of urbanization and new technologies.

Soil eating

Many people make efforts in order to get rid of dirt and mud, but there are some proofs that sometimes it is better to revalue things. Soil or clay eating – is able not only to soothe stomachache, but even to remove bacteria, fungal and viruses from bowel. Animals and people from tribal and agrarian communities had been doing that for many ages. In general, soil eating is encouraged and approved culturally in many countries.

Forest bathing

Japanese definition “shinrin-yoku” means “forest bathing”, but it doesn’t mean take bath among the trees. It can be rather related to spending time in forest for therapeutic purposes. Many people sometimes have an irresistible desire to turn out among the trees and nature’s beauty. Modern science proves the therapeutic effect of such walk for our body. Spending several hours in forest we breathe in phytoncides – active substances, which are emitted by plants in order to protect themselves from insects and corruption. Phytoncides are able to lower a blood pressure and eliminate stresses, besides they strengthen our immune system.

Barefoot walking and jogging

In modern world we got accustomed to wear shoes. But for many years people had been doing everything without it. And scientists say that it is really useful for our health. In fact, more and more people refuse to wear sport shoes and remain barefoot during jogging.

Lunar gardening

Good news for “night owls”. Planting lunar garden is really useful for our health and soul. It has already approved that day gardening reduces stress and increases vitality. That’s why planting night flowers and greenery will help us to expand treatment possibilities of nature. Besides, there are some definite advantages connected with possibility to “absorb moonlight” (lunar therapy). According to supporters of a healthy lifestyle it is a chance to overcome everything – even depression and cancer.

tips-kesehatan-3bSea bathing

Definition of thalassotherapy was introduces in Ancient Greece by Hippocrates, who was sure that sea bathing and swimming is very much good for health. Today we see a continuation of that idea. Really, researches show us that swimming in warm sea water is able to strengthen immunity, to improve blood circulation, to relax and so on.

Working in the standing position

Maybe you have no idea that office chair where you sit during all your working time it is not so old invention. Long sitting is really a reason of many diseases nowadays including heart problems, obesity and type II diabetes. Try to use modern desks which give an opportunity to work in standing position.

6465etIcy Water bathing

Many people affirm healing properties of diving into the icy water. Fans of such bathing are sure that it strengthens our immunity system, prevents flu and chill, improves blood circulation and mood, it also removes toxins. However, before diving you’d better consult a doctor in order to avoid heart problems or some more serious illnesses.

About the author: Paul Smith is a versatile author interesting in topics like nutrition, health, self-development and many others. He has a rich life experience and is ready to share it. Feel free to contact Paul here.