Product Description

For many people, taking on their health and eating better can seem like a daunting, expensive, and time-consuming task. Have no fear, Health is Wealth easily teaches you, in a fun and upbeat way, how to nourish your body with the best food money can buy even if you’re on a tight budget, and strapped for time. In this timely book you will discover: * How to save BIG BUCKS on your purchases * What the food labels really mean (don’t be fooled by deceptive marketing!) * The simple solution to creating truly balanced meals for your unique body * Essential kitchen tools needed to get started * Quick and easy breakfast options * Why investing in old-fashioned stock can boost your body’s worth * Menu plans that can help you make the most of your meals * Wonderful one-pot meals that create less mess in the kitchen * Which frozen assets can help you in a pinch * Lifestyle strategies to help you socialize, travel, and dine out, healthfully * And much more… Health is Wealth is a money saver and a lifesaver, too. It contains a wealth of food knowledge and has more than 120 delicious recipes. Don’t delay, get started investing in your health today!