Date Description
Oct 18 MODULE 1 – The Basics of Thyroid health & How to Get Started This class gets you started discovering foods from every category and how they can heal or harm the Thyroid.
Oct 25
BONUS MODULE – Author Kate Hanley – Your Cycle and Your Thyroid  A missing link in the chain of radiant health
Nov 1 Coaching Call 1 @ 7pm EDT
Nov 8 MODULE 2 – Lifestyle and Environmental Factors That Effect Thyroid Going to the gym and still not losing weight? There’s a reason for that. This class delves into the many lifestyle factors that can inhibit thyroid function. And, the best exercises to support your endocrine system and help you heal. Plus all of the elements in your environment that may be damaging your digestive terrain and your thyroid.
Nov 15 BONUS MODULE – Understanding Your Thyroid with Tammi Sweet, a licensed Massage Therapist, Yoga Instructor and member of the American Herbalist Guild with a Master’s Degree in Neurobiology, Tammi has been teaching Anatomy & Physiology for 24 years. She is going to show you everything you need to know about your Thyroid Gland and Endocrine System.
Nov 22 Coaching Call 2 @ 1pm EDT
Nov 29 MODULE 3 – The Adrenal Connection This module elaborates on how important it is to understand how physical and emotional stress affect the health of your thyroid and endocrine system.
Dec 6 BONUS MODULE – Internationally Renowned Herbalist Matthew Wood Essential Herbs for Thyroid and Endocrine Health
Dec 13 Coaching Call 3 @ 7pm EDT
Dec 20 MODULE 4 – The Emotional & Spiritual Connection to Healing Thyroid Many folks focus on the food to heal the thyroid, but oftentimes they are not successful and don’t understand why. This class goes deeper and gets to the root causes of thyroid disease. Our emotions are deeply connected to our thyroid and endocrine system. We need to learn how to balance our physical, emotional and spiritual body to have a true healing.
Dec 27
BONUS MODULE – Pharmacist, CHHC, Karyn Bender Medications to Treat Thyroid Disease & How to Get Off Them
Jan 3 Coaching Call 4 @ 4pm EDT
Jan 10 BONUS MODULE – Dr. Eric Osansky, a licensed chiropractor that specializes in thyroid conditions and autoimmune diseases covers Hyperthyroidism and Graves’ Disease. Using a natural treatment approach, he provides key components and detailed examples to restore one’s health and how to avoid the use of radioactive iodine.

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