MODULE 1 – The Art of Visual Diagnosis
Learn to interpret physical cues on the face to assess and prevent future conditions without blood tests, x-rays or invasive procedures. This ancient healing technique can help you work more effectively with your clients.
MODULE 2 – Organ and Meridian Diagnosis
We delve deeper into the energetic body to discover how to decipher symptoms and patterns that reveal physical imbalances. With this knowledge you can build dietary and lifestyle plans that get to root causes of illness.
MODULE 3 – Herbs According to the 5 Phases (Elements)
Clinical Herbalist, Richard Mandlebaum, covers patterns within the body, and the most beneficial herbs to support specific organ systems.
MODULE 4 – Emotional & Spiritual Diagnosis and the Chakras
Understanding how to address emotional and spiritual imbalances within the physical body can help you support your clients on a more intimate level, as well as build a truly holistic wellness plan.
MODULE 5 The Meaning of Symptoms Within the Body
Shiatsu practitioner and meditation teacher, Diego Sanchez pulls it all together and covers in great detail about healing the body using the 7 chakras, plus the 12 Meridians and the 5 Phases. He also shares an in depth explanation of Ying & Yang to help the practitioner understand the inner workings of the body better.