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New  Healers Core Principles

Do you want life-changing information to share with your clients?

Great! You’re in the right place.

With the New Healers Core Principles you’ll learn to:

Assess conditions to prevent disease by reading people’s faces and bodily symptoms

Understand the body and it’s functions on a more intimate level

Use time-tested ancient healing modalities to get better results

Work more confidently with clients as a knowledgeable coach

Know exactly what your client needs to begin the healing process

Jill-Burwell Andrea and her courses are AMAZING!! The program has definitely given me a different outlook on health coaching. I know I will be referring to the slides and handouts working with my health-coaching clients for a long time to come. MANY MANY thanks again for pulling all of this important information together into one place and format for us to learn from, and for sharing your special gifts with the world Andrea. You truly are a FANTASTIC teacher!!!”


New Healers Core Principles personally guides you through simple, engaging techniques you can incorporate into your practice right away. Each module provides easy to understand practical steps to help you enhance your offerings to your clients.


To assess and prevent conditions using the ancient wisdom of Visual Diagnosis and Meridian Diagnosis

What valuable advice you can share with your client after reviewing their lifestyle and dietary habits

How to understand the deeper aspects of health and empower your clients healing process

Learn these time-tested, ancient techniques and you’ll be surprised by what you can do for your clients, prospective clients, and your own personal health.