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New Healers
Master Coaching Program

Do you want more income and life-changing information you can share with your clients?

Great. You’re in the right place.

With the New Healers Master Coaching Program, you’ll learn how to:

Assess conditions to prevent disease by reading people’s faces and bodily symptoms

Confidently work with clients as a knowledgeable coach

Allow your business to THRIVE

Jill-Burwell As a new health coach, this program has been fantastic! I am loving everything that I’m learning, and am completely fascinated by it all. The program has given me a different outlook on health coaching because I’m able to now go deeper, which I was a little afraid to do at first. Also, Andrea’s visual diagnosis class takes people watching to a whole new level.”
Jill Burwell, CHHC, AADP, Health and Wellness Coach www.mirellaliving.com


The New Healers Master Coaching program will personally guide you through simple, engaging practices you can incorporate into your practice right away. Each module provides easy to understand practical steps that can help you enhance your offerings. It’s time to take control of your business. Let me show you how.


To assess clients using the ancient wisdom of Visual Diagnosis and Meridian Diagnosis

How to tweak a client’s diet and lifestyle to empower the healing process

Understand what valuable advice is needed for the client after reviewing their lifestyle and habits


How to position yourself as an expert in your field

How to up-level your packages with new techniques

How to maintain long term clients and continue to take on new clients

How to set up a successful business and ensure monetary flow

The best part?

You don’t need to be in business for 10 years to do this.

Learn these techniques and you’ll be surprised by what you can do for your clients, prospective clients and your own personal health.



As a masterful Health Coach, I can guide you toward achieving success, living a happy and healthy life, while turning your Health Coaching career into a thriving business. One that will give your clients valuable resources needed to achieve their goals.

After successfully healing my own health conditions using natural methods, I knew I had to teach this healing knowledge to others so they too could improve their own health, no matter what they were suffering with.

Almost two decades ago, I quit my corporate job to dedicate my life and career to teaching others these wise healing practices. From my experience, I have created, and continue to sustain, a thriving and fulfilling business. You can too with the New Healers Master Coaching program.


I am feeling so blessed that I have been put on this journey. Going with my heart I enrolled in the The New Healers. For a while I wondered if I had made the right decision and now I know I did. This is the first time I had a desire for a career………ever! The New Healers Program is giving me more confidence and motivation as a Health Coach and for me that is priceless. I am on such a wonderful path and know this is where I am supposed to be. And being part of this wonderful group with all of you amazing people is a bonus. I am truly thankful.”
Theresa Butironi, Health Coach, Mahopac, NY

The New Healers Master Coaching Program will help you:

Expand your knowledgebase

Earn a greater salary with your health coaching or wellness practice

Facilitate the potential for helping your clients understand their conditions

Continue to grow your client base

Create a sustainable business you love

Andrea, what you are doing is helping people exponentially! You are teaching the teachers! For every one teacher that you share your wisdom with, you will forever be helping to heal their clients as well! Your knowledge will carry on through us. This program has been powerful, timely and educational. It has absolutely given me a different outlook on health coaching. It has added the needed component of spirituality & and alternative diagnosis… all the things that I wanted, they suddenly appeared.”
Ann Marie De Gregoria, Holistic Nutritionist, Long Island, NY balance4lifenutrition.com
When Andrea Beaman opens her mouth to speak, she opens her heart. As soon as I heard her speak at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, I knew I wanted her to mentor me on my own path as a health coach. Like many of us, her personal health story fuels her fire to teach people how to heal themselves. It’s fun when you have a teacher with so much knowledge and yet is also able to teach it in a fun and relatable way. She teaches from her gut. She listens with arms wide open. And she reminds us to laugh and enjoy the journey. Thank you Andrea for making the leap into this beautiful world of healing and showing us how it’s done!”
Kristyn Tobey, Houston,TX www.KristynTobey.com


Understand the body and its functions on a deeper and more intimate level

Master the ancient practice of Visual & Meridian Diagnosis to uncover the root causes of a wide range of conditions

Decipher organ system imbalances and make diet and lifestyle improvements that can prevent future illnesses

Understand the emotional and spiritual contributors to good health and how they interact

Help clients see their conditions more clearly and motivate them to reach their goals

Become more confident with your skills and charge accordingly

Build a rewarding practice while raising your profile as an expert in your field

Take a look below at what a few of our learners have said about the program:

I am amazed that the information is not only focusing on the foods, but also including emotional and mental feelings, thoughts and life styles to diagnose the client’s root causes. The program presentations and action guides were very helpful in going into more depth of what Andrea talked to us about in the videos provided. Being able to download and save all the materials and coaching calls are so helpful because I can listen to it over and over until I finally understand or remember them. It is a life saver to know that I can access the material forever. By doing actions, confidence will be increased-this is the key to success that I learned from this program and more I do actions I believe I can make more success in my journey. Thank you so much for everything!”
Master Jey Park, - Energy Healer, New York, NY.
Just finished listening to class 4 and HAD to say THANK YOU! I registered for this coaching program to enhance my business but, like so many other things in my life, I realize there was an additional plan – my personal growth. I’m reminded each time I hear Andrea speak and I’m humbled and very grateful.”
Donnalyn Murphy, B.A., B.Ed., CHC, AADP, Founder of Body & Soul Health Coaching Simple Solutions for a Healthier, Happier life! www.DonnalynMurphy.com, Smiths Falls, Ontario, Canada
After reviewing the content of the class, I thought “Oh this is perfect for me, let’s do it!!” I love this course because it gets into the nitty gritty of the healing modalities that I am extremely interested in at this moment in time, with the added opportunity to balance and heal myself on all levels, how perfect is that!!”
Theresa Hinckley, Usui Reiki Master & Holistic Health Enthusiast, Oswego, New York

Here’s What You’ll Get

MODULE 1 - The Art of Visual Diagnosis

How to interpret physical cues to diagnose and prevent future conditions without blood tests, x-rays or invasive procedures.

MODULE 2 - Organ and Meridian Diagnosis

How to decipher what symptoms tell you about physical imbalances, so you can build dietary and lifestyle plans that get to root causes.

BONUS MODULE - Herbs According to the 5 Phases (Elements)

Clinical Herbalist, Richard Mandlebaum, covers the Most Beneficial Herbs to Support Specific Organ Systems.

MODULE 3 – Emotional & Spiritual Diagnosis and the Chakras

How to address emotional and spiritual imbalances and build a truly holistic wellness plan.

BONUS MODULE – The Meaning of Symptoms Within the Body

Learn from Shiatsu practitioner and teacher, Diego Sanchez as he covers in great detail on healing the body using the 7 chakras, the 12 Meridians and the 5 Phases, and an in depth explanation of Ying & Yang.

MODULE 4 - The Self Evaluation

How to keep yourself and your clients inspired, motivated and focused on health goals.

MODULE 5 - Putting it All Together to Create a Successful Business

Learn how to go from an average health coach to a rock star health coach. Build your reputation as an expert, grow your practice and create a range of revenue streams that support your professional and financial goals.

PLUS LIVE Group Coaching calls for the duration of the program!

Ask questions, share your thoughts, and interact with me live.

View Coaching Call Schedule

All LIVE coaching calls will be recorded so you can listen at your convenience.

This course is far beyond any of my expectations. Andrea is amazing as the beautiful person she is and for creating this excellent material…She makes this fascinating work even more fascinating. Her classes are packed with information, strategies, laughter and so much love. Andrea is always real, smart and incredibly caring. Thursday evenings can’t come soon enough for me—I’ll be really sorry to have them done. I am newly invigorated and challenged—knowing I can do so much more to help my clients heal.”
Judith Hasselblad, Owner & Founder at All That Nourishes LLC, Salem, OR

Connect with Like Minded Practitioners


You’ll be added to a private Facebook Group where you can ask any questions about the modules, health coaching, and your personal health.

You can share how the modules are moving your practice forward.

Use this group to make new friends and professional connections, too!

The New Healer classes are amazing! I was able to start incorporating things into my coaching sessions right away. Andrea gives so much in just an hour and a half each week. Having the Q&A the week after provides the opportunity to fully study the materials. The Facebook page is a great way to ask questions, post items of interest, and I feel like it creates a wonderful learning community.”
Melissa Vertosick, Health Coach www.thewholelifeapproach.com, Delmont, PA
“Andrea and her courses are AMAZING!! I have LOVED them all, and look SO forward to each one coming out, watching it, and being on the live calls. The program has definitely given me a different outlook on health coaching. I know I will be referring to the slides and handouts working with my health-coaching clients for a long time to come. MANY MANY thanks again for pulling all of this important information together into one place and format for us to learn from, and for sharing your special gifts with the world Andrea. You truly are a FANTASTIC teacher!!!”
Heidi Hackler, Seattle, WA happywelllifestyle.com



What happens after I purchase?

1. Email confirming your place as student in the program

2. Log in access to your exclusive membership account

3. Receive personal note from Andrea with recommendations for the program

4. Access code to Andrea’s books and dvds at a discounted rate!

5. Easy instructions on how to access the modules on your membership page

6. A schedule of when each module and coaching call will take place



We strongly stand behind the authenticity and value of this program and invite you to participate for 30 days. If you don’t feel we’ve delivered on our promise within that time, we’ll happily refund 100% of your money. We are confident you will crave more valuable content and will continue with the program, but if by chance you don’t – we have created a no-hassle refund policy.


See how easy the steps are:

  1. Email amanda@andrebeaman.com your completed Action Guides from Modules 1-2 and your participation feedback on the Coaching Call
  2. We will respond confirming your withdrawal
  3. You will be refunded the amount you paid within 1-2 business days



I know this program will pay for itself – and beyond – with a dramatic increase in income and happy clients.

In order to be seen as a credible coach/wellness practitioner and see the results you want in your business, you need to enhance your skills.

Let me guide you toward enhancing your practical skills to help improve your own health and the health of clients.

This program is designed to educate you at your convenience, which is why we are offering group coaching calls to ensure you gain a full understanding of the program.

This program is valued at $5,982. I’m offering New Healers at $1,597!

“I had an amazing experience in this program. I learned so much and changed some of my thinking or how I was thinking about things. I love that Andrea is present in the program and always letting us know she’s there and supporting our learning process. I feel more confident in starting my coaching practice and I am noticing I’m more observant of clients and observing people around me. I’m noticing my ability to visually and energetically pick things up in people more…like really fast. I am able to go to pressure points on people’s bodies and find stagnation pretty quickly”.
Cheryl Paswater, Brooklyn, NY
The program has opened new areas of learning in a new dimensional way. I did know how to read people before and work with them on what was holding them back but now I have verifiable resources. After participating in this program, I now have a deeper understanding and potential benefit to help others unlock their ability to heal what is not yet out in the open in regards to physical or emotional.”
Mary Bosco, Boise, Idaho www.sisterdietitians.com
I was hesitant to sign up for the course in the beginning as a new health coach just launching my business because I wanted to keep expenses at a minimum…this program is priceless and I am delighted I decided to add the New Healer’s program into my education and for my own personal love of health and wellness.”
Raquel Guzman, Health and Lifestyle Coach
One of the best decisions of this year was to enroll in Andrea’s New Healers Class. I cannot express the profound beauty of the support this tribe lives. My very first public gratitude for the month is for this tribe.”
Rommy Kirby, myhotyogaplace.com


Who Should Sign Up for the Program?

The program is designed for health coaches and wellness practitioners (including energy workers, reiki masters, yoga, homeopathic doctors,integrative doctors, nurses, herbalists, and movement therapists) who want to expand and enhance their range of skills while building a thriving practice. Coaches & Wellness Practitioners seeking new or first time clients, Coaches & Wellness Practitioners continuing their education, Coaches & Wellness Practitioners that have a few clients, Coaches & Wellness Practitioners that have many clients, Coaches & Wellness Practitioners that are curious, and anyone that simply wants to learn in depth knowledge about health.

My schedule is busy! Will this program be too much to handle?

This program was designed for busy individuals! We supply you with mp4 modules and recorded mp3 files for you to listen to when you are on the go! The coaching calls will be recorded if you are unable to attend the live sessions. Lastly, our private Facebook Group allows you to connect with the other learners in an easy and convenient way!

How long will I have access to the modules?

You will ALWAYS have access to the modules. Learners can either log into the membership page to review modules or have the option to download the modules to their computer and then save them to any platform they choose- such as an iphone/ipad, ipod, ect.

How long will I have access to the Facebook group?

You will have access to the Facebook group, even after the program is completed! There is always an opportunity for continued learning.

Can I pay in installments?

Yes, we offer a 3-month installment plan at $600 a month. You have the option to choose the installment plan when you enroll. Please note, the installment plan is overall more expensive than if you pay in full, however it breaks up the cost overtime for learners who prefer this method.

Is the course live?

All coaching calls are live and we record every call in case you can’t make it to the scheduled calls. The modules are recorded for you to watch at your convenience.

Can we watch the modules all at one time, or are they released on a set schedule?

The modules are released on a set schedule. This helps you integrate the information into your life and into your practice. You can always refer back to modules that have already been released, but you cannot review modules before their release dates. We offer this method so learners are not overwhelmed with the valuable information all at once.

What is the format?

All modules are hosted online through our membership page that you are given access to once you sign up. The LIVE coaching calls are hosted through Gotowebinar. After each LIVE coaching call, we will post the recording to the membership page.

What if I’m busy at the time of the calls?

No worries! We will send you the recording the next day! Even better- you can send your questions in advance to Andrea and she will address them on the call if you can’t make it.

How much time will it take to do each module?

Learners have the option to put as much or as little time needed towards the program, however we recommend learners dedicate at least 1 hour to review each module. For the coaching calls, learners should set aside a little over 1 hour. Also, we recommend spending approximately 1-2 hours a week doing the recommended homework, and interacting in the Facebook Group. The homework and the Facebook Group is not mandatory to participate in, but we highly encourage it.

What is the time duration of each module and coaching call?

Each module and coaching call will run a little over one hour. Based on the amount of questions that come in for the coaching calls, we may go a bit longer.

How do I know I’m getting a big bang for my buck?

The interactive modules with LIVE group coaching calls is valued at $5,982 I’m offering this program at $1,597! The New Healers package is personally developed, led and advised by myself. I have successfully made my career out of health coaching and want to guide you through this process so you can be just as successful.

Do you offer a refund policy?

If you are not satisfied with the New Healer Master Coaching program within 30 days of the start date, please send us your completed Action Guides, and we will refund your full tuition.

What’s the experience been like for other learners?

Have a look below at what some of our learners have had to say about the New Healers program.

Andrea’s energy and honesty are what really brings it all together and is something we all benefit from with every class and call. Thank you Andrea for all your wisdom and advice. I can feel myself growing and gaining more confidence with every week. You are a blessing.”
Christine Catino, Group Fitness Instructor at Orchard Hills Athletic Club, Lancaster, MA
I had a client with pain in her lips and tongue, and with visual diagnosis and Andrea’s support she is better now. The program has absolutely given me a different outlook on health coaching. I can work with my clients in healthy issues, supporting them with healthy foods and healthy habits.”
Paola Porrero, Health Coach, Mckinney, TX
I have to say, I am having just way too much fun with this class. What I am learning is awesome and very fulfilling and yes extremely exciting. I know I have turned down a new path in my life and it is thrilling. I am connecting all the loose ends I have had for so many years. A lot of “Ah-ha” moments that make my mind run with ideas and new concepts. Stimulated is the word and it’s a new world of healing. Thanks Andrea for doing this!”
Linda Ash, Reiki Master/Teacher, Amherst, NY
I have a job as well as a family to juggle and was able to fit the New Healers-Master Coaching program into my schedule thanks to the recordings. I learned a TON and was really inspired by the content and the timing worked well for me.”
Aimee Peterson, Health Coach, Evergreen, CO
I am currently enrolled as a student at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN) as well as another wellness program I was able to manage the New Healers Program with my 2 other educations occurring. It was not overwhelming for me because all the information for the New Healers was available to download and to go over it again when you have more time to review is great! Being involved with IIN and the New Healers Program simultaneously reinforced much of what I have learned so far as we as gave me some great tools that I will definitely use. It was a pleasure taking this course and it made my Thursday evenings very special!”
Diane Smith, LMT and Health Coach, Garden Grove, CA
I’ve always known that we are all unique and that healing comes from within; but the addition of Eastern knowledge in diagnosing adds a completely different level of coaching ability to my practice. Learning about facial diagnosis, the meridians and chakras makes so much sense when you look at what is presenting on the exterior, you can then connect what is happening inside the body as well as the mind and spirit. So cool.”
Sharon Wegner, Health Coach
I am thrilled with the amount of information we have been given and the direct contact with Andrea to ask questions and get feed back. Seeing what may be happening inside the body on ones face is absolutely amazing to me and the different chakras are too! I’ve never been exposed to this before! I look at my clients in a whole new light! There is much to learn, but I feel like I can offer so much more insight into their health now!”
Cheryl Iden, CHHC, AADP, McHenry, Maryland Health & Wellness
This is an excellent class! I love learning how issues are connected to the meridians. I knew that the meridians were connected to organs, but I didn’t realize that anything along the meridian pathways can be indicators of something that needs to be addressed physically. The program has made me realize that there are indicators of illness long before a person experiences the “usual physical symptoms” that they might go to a doctor for. It’s so cool because you can “catch them” much earlier and start to work on resolving them from every aspect of their life, not just the physical part. I’ve been learning for years about natural healing, but just never knew that the face can tell you a lot about what’s going on inside a person. I’m not really a health coach, but I can see possibilities for myself and am interested to hear module 5 about how to do it.”
Shari Sobolewski, Charlotte, NC
carmen kanazawa I enjoyed every class of this program. However, I was very interested to hear the bonus module on symptoms and what they implicate. That particular module complimented the previous modules on meridians and chakras. I am using all the knowledge on myself to improve my wellbeing. I feel empowered and I am anxious to become a better individual as well as becoming a successful health coach.”
Carmen Kanazawa, Atlanta, GA
Adrienne Shannon copy This learning experience has been wonderful…well worth it! I am so inspired by Andrea’s honesty, integrity and positive outlook on life. Thank you, Andrea, for your hard work and for being so genuine. Truly. The world needs more of your type of upfront honesty, commitment, drive and healthy compassion for others. I now feel more confident in my application of different (non-Western) modalities for guiding others towards their own healing. Your classes and calls have made me more confident, period. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the chakra class! Andrea, all of your information is great but you hit this one out of the park! I am positive that I will be able to incorporate the knowledge you have shared into my work as a health coach.”
Adrienne Shannon, Red Bank, NJ
Rachel Busch-Rubalcava copy I’m learning so much in areas that I’ve never thought about! Andrea – your teaching style is refreshing, honest and you’re passionate about what you do. This class has made me more open and more forgiving with myself – and confirmed that I know I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing with my life. Please keep doing what you’re doing. The program has expanded my outlook on health coaching, so I’ll be able to offer my clients more help into really looking into and healing their souls. Andrea’s class has given me concepts and taught me how to apply them in a totally practical way. That is key for me – it’s more than knowledge – it the how to apply what I’ve learned. I also know what references to go to in order to find information I need to help clients.”
Rachel Busch-Rubalcava, Tinley Park, Illinois

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