The average age of a person who finally chooses to make preventative choices to remain healthy is 58. Did you know that disease does not appear over night, sometimes it takes years to grow or manifest. What would our world look like, if we all made the conscious choice in our 20′s to protect our health 40 years later?

Think of all the people in your life who have been diagnosed with a potentially catastrophic illness. Were they older or younger? What was their reaction to the news? How did their friends and family react? What did the support look like? What treatment options did they use? These are all-powerful questions and realities of decision-making and survival from disease.

Most people think that hearing any of the above diagnoses signal the end, in essence it may be, but not what you are envisioning. The above diagnosis just may be your loudest wake up call to end the way you had been living your life. Long before the words “you have cancer”, “blocked arteries”, or “you’ve had a heart attack” are ever are spoken to somebody, there were probably many other warning signs presented along the path of their life. It may have been digestive issues, like IBS, severe allergies, a tendency to catch every “bug” around, migraines or headaches, constant fatigue, lack of energy, depression or maybe something as simple and benign as a strange intuition.

Cancer usually elicits the emotions of fear and “is this the end?” Dis-ease (which implies a dis ease is within your body and soul) should be looked at as a message that the wiring is off within. Dis-ease can happen from genetics combined with lifestyle, pent-up emotions, anger and unsettled emotions.

As many doctors point out, your genetics are just a potential map, but what you do and how you think can rewrite your map. On the positive spectrum, Dis-ease can also be an opportunity to really begin living your life the way you were meant to live. For example, most survivors continue on to live their life while being present and remembering why they are here. They can once again connect to something bigger and find the meaning, purpose and happiness in almost everything. They KNOW the Glass is half FULL. They often begin to see the beauty in nature, such as rainbows, blue skies, flowers and crisper sounds such as the birds chirping or the breaking waves at the beach. They see the good in people again and open their hearts and trust. As a child, everything is new and exciting, you took more chances, laughed more and probably had a more balance in your life As we grow up, we begin to live a life with more fear, less spontaneity and more patterned behaviors. Often, we have given up pieces of ourselves (as children) with our ideals, dreams and ideas in exchange for what our parents believed and taught us, what we have seen on TV or read in the paper and from what we have grown to believe is true (based upon the loudest messages from outside sources).

The conflict of behaving and living the way we think we are supposed to act versus the way you may want to live (and who your inner child is) is often the point where internal STRESS begins. These conflicting ideas often show up in career choice, relationships, money and values while raising children.
Again, dis-ease grows over time and does not appear over night (although that may be how it feels). If you know someone who has survived a catastrophic medical diagnosis, yet they are still cranky and afraid of life, do them a favor and talk to them. Share this blog or share the book Ask and It is Given or The Law of Attraction by Jerry and Esther Hicks. Remind them that they were given a second chance to get it right.

As invincible as many of us feel, nobody can be strong enough to keep dis-ease and symptoms away, when they are constantly stressed by physical and emotional stressors:

• Poor quality food, processed foods with additives and sugar, lack of exercise, pollution, drugs and some personal care products can be causing you to be missing out on the possibility of unlimited energy, happiness and health.

• Ask yourself some hard questions such as, Do I enjoy my job? Do I love getting up and going to work each day? If not, you may want to consider why you don’t like it and then make the hard decision of what are you going to do about it? Do you keep things in for fear of rocking the boat? This too, can cause disease. Do you listen to your inner voice?

Be proactive now and not later when you have already heard the dreaded words.
1. Drink fresh water everyday (ideally 1/2 your body weight in ounces)
2. Include as many vegetables and fruits as possible
3. Eat meat and dairy products that are grass-fed, organic and don’t contain hormones and antibiotics
4. Get enough sleep every night (8 hours in a dark room is ideal)
5. Move your body
6. Retrain your mind to see a half full GLASS everywhere. Stinking Thinking causes illness
7. Surround yourself with positive people
8. Be Thankful for the small things in life, everyday
9. Avoid processed foods with loads of ingredients you can’t pronounce
10. Use personal care products with ingredients you could eat, if you wanted too
11. Cook and experiment with food and different ways of eating
12. Carve out time everyday just for YOU
13. Learn to say No, so your YES will have more value
14. Slow Down

Randi Dukoff
Certified Health, Nutrition and Exercise Coach and Corporate Wellness Presenter