February…the month of LOVE

Valentine’s day…romantic and wonderful? …Scary and depressing? Well, it all depends on how our relationships are going. Working on creating well-balanced, satisfying, loving relationships is vital for our happiness and wellbeing on every level; whether they are between ourselves and a partner, a family member, or friend: we need to connect; we need to listen and be heard; we need to touch and be touched; we need to love and be loved in return.

On the 14th of February most people will probably make a gesture of some sort to a loved one; well…don’t we deserve more than one day? How about a whole month of good lovin’ (a lifetime if we’re lucky)?

I believe that it is absolutely possible! But the secret starts…with a dedication to ourselves! That’s right! We’re going to love ourselves up so much that it overflows into all other aspects of our lives, and into the lives of others! It can be Valentine’s Day every day! You don’t have to make yourself cards and roll around in piles of rose petals, unless that’s what floats your boat; but you do have to commit to making some time for yourself (without feeling guilty about it…otherwise it’s back to square one).

Whether you’re a busy career woman, a super mum, or a health seeking heroine always on the go, you know how easy it is to let things build up; and before you know it you’re totally submerged in all the little niggling nuggets that life so kindly throws our way! You can’t even remember the last time that you went for a massage or re-sourced yourself in nature…the last time you found sanctuary in meditation, or unwound in a yoga class…the last time you took the time to have a proper home cooked meal with friends or loved ones… These precious moments never come around often enough and we are usually so caught up in the fast paced, busy frenzy of ‘priorities’, that these most important parts of life get forgotten about.

Has your health taken a tumble downhill? Have you let your healthy diet and good intentions fall by the wayside? If you’re feeling overwhelmed and isolated; anxious or depressed; sick and tired of feeling sick and tired; it may be that you have unknowingly forgotten about you! Yes, you! The most important person in your life is none other than the fabulous you, that is never let out of her box to shine for the whole world to see! That glitter ‘n’ sparkle can’t be seen hidden behind a desk or slaving away at home; faded by chores and deadlines, and more chores… all work and no play, etc.

So what do you have to lose? Nothing, cause let’s face it; those things will probably still need to get done later on (unless you can afford a nanny and a secretary). Wouldn’t you be able to put more energy and joy into those tasks (and be waaaay more productive) if you were facing them after an hour at the gym, a walk in the park, a good old catch up with a friend, or a trip to the spa? Wouldn’t you be able to love and take care of those around you with a little more patience and tenderness? I sure think so ladies!!

If you agree that you’re a hard working woman and deserve a little TLC, then please do yourself a favour, give yourself a gift this Valentine’s day (week? month? year?); grab that tub of organic extra virgin coconut oil (yum!) and shine yourself up, because you deserve to twinkle like a diamond in the night’s sky!

Happy Valentine’s Day; I hope you spend it loving yourself to life!

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Tessa O’Hara
Certified Holistic Nutrition and Wellness Coach
Email: t.ohara@hotmail.fr

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